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This is just a feeler for now…here is the story - I purchased the Stockli Snakes (not the BC) at the end of last year (I haven’t even skied them yet) slightly used in a 170. I have put brand new look p12’s on them, which are silver and black. I am going to Vail/Jackson for an 8 day combined trip and another 4 day + trip to Steamboat this year. I bought the snakes for the park, bumps, and cruising with my girlfriend, and when I’m really out to ski I use my Nordi Top Fuels. Since I’ll have a good amt. of time out west this year I would love to purchase a nice fat ski, but the funds just aren’t there to both take the trips and get the skis, so I am debating (if anyone is even interested) trading these for some pow skis in the 180+ range. Ideally I’d like to get a pair of Mantra’s in 184 but I’m open to other offers and ideas, and I’m not even sure if I want to go through with this or not so I figured I’d put a “feeler” thread out there. Like I said I’ve never been on the snakes but from what I’ve read they are a great ride and you can find some good reviews here. Also, they are beautiful skis, with raised “snake skin” top sheet that changes color from deep aqua blue to green and the bindings in silver and black match them very well. Stockli isn’t going to be making them anymore which was part of the reason I hunted these down for my “recreational twin”. The cheapest I’ve seen them is retail $875 w/o bindings online, and most recently on ebay for $499, but they are only in 160 and 180 (these are there now if anyone wants to jump on them), and they are pretty tough to come by in the States. If anyone’s interested let me know what you have to offer, whatever it may be. Thanks!
Snake dimensions 114-80-108 size 170 - they are under “ski” and “freestyle”