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Where's your pre-season camp?

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Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if any of you coaches or athletes are going / have gone anywhere for pre-season this year? I'm always interested in hearing where people spend their pre-season and the +/- experiences..

Myself and another coach are taking a dozen FIS aged athletes to Kaunertal on Oct 9th.. We'll be there for 3 weeks and will get 16 or 17 days on snow. Apparently they're a little short on snow right now, but it's still 2.5 weeks away.
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I'm off to Hintertux in 3 weeks with the US Disabled Team. We've been going there for quite a while. The three gondolas to the top work really well for our sitting skiers and Jorgi the piste chief takes good care of us. Kaunertal in the winter is about the coldest place I've ever been. I like the drive up to the upper lodge there which in the winter crosses one of the pistes and not an easy one either. I can't wait for some schnitzel... mmmm schnitzel...
Have fun.
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I'm skipping Mammoth this year to spend time with the family and save money (a ton). I really need to just absorb what I've experienced over the last few years and put it into consistent practice. Besides, I can only get so many kitchen passes before patience wears thin....
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Man I was going to go up to Mt Hood this summer but never made it...so my pre-season camp has been epicski.com, nastar.com, ski magazines, online vidoes, recorded Olympic skiing, self visualizations and Warren Miller movies.
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Copper Mtn.

Unless either (1) no snow or (2) the dreaded work hydra rears yet another fanged head or three, my plan is that my son and I will do the Tichys' clinic over Thankgiving week at Copper Mountain. It's close enough to the actual ski and racing season that the knowledge actually carries over. (My theory, anyway.)

It's also at high altitude, which makes for difficult sleep, but for some of us from sea level, this sport doesn't come easy...

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Ski Brule, Thanksgiving weekend. Kids and Masters. PM me.
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