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Is the genre dead?

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Skipped seeing Ski Movie II this past Sunday at MSU as did my kids & their friends. Why, after 'The Trip', 'Mind, The Addiction' & 'Propoganda' the films all start looking the same. Nothing new, nothing special, same stunts, same scenary, same cliches and too much footage of people gliding down handrails. TGR definitely has better photography, but that's about the only distinguishing feature in this years crop (besides the bigger & more obvious corportate logos). Is the genre dead?
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Do not give up yet!

It is in your blood, see those leaves turn brown, smell the must of fall as it turns to winter.
Even now in Michigan there are days when the sky is gray and the wind is just right, you can smell SNOW!

These are SEX films, (pardon the analogy) they are made to get your blood going.

The music, the snow the blue sky... hey if you are not stoked now ...

Well, RIo may be you need SKIAGRA!

Yep that is right SKIAGRA. Hey will ship a batch out to you!

BOB DOLE is a spokes person for us. Never skied a day in his life till he tried SKIAGRA!

You must be close to dead my friend!

Wake up and smell the snow!

You are watching too much CNN, the MULLAHS got you thinking about cancelling CHRISTMAS next!

It is un-American!

We gotta have our ski movies!

I must admit that it is the crashes I can relate to the most. (probably I see myself in them)

Now with the NEW SCHOOL rail ridders, when they hang up some ski guy, you know the splits, I get tingley all over !


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It's not surprising they all look the same since most film makers attend the same jibbing sessions (e.g. SuperPark 3). Slightly different camera angles and techniques. Not too many seem to take the time and money to film unique situations and locations like a Warren Miller Production does.

On the other hand the next big trick hasn't been thought of (or filmed) yet. I guess all the groms are waiting for Auclair, Cusson, Dorion or Douglas to bust themselves up trying it first then they'll swoop in, perfect it and claim it as their own. No-name brand jibbing...grrrr.

<blockquote>Hey man! That railslide was da bomb! Notice the cool face I made? I call it...</blockquote>

Personally, I still want to see the Willy Bogner IMAX film and the latest Miller offering. They're like big cultural events here in Ottawa! The voiceover doesn't hurt either and the music a tad more "accessible" to the masses.


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I think any movie that concentrates so hard on one specific aspect of the sport is going to get old after a while. I think that's why I loved some of Greg Stumps earliest films. Think about a movie like Maltese Flamingo. It had several distinct chapters of skiing (trees, powder, steeps, bumps, etc.) and also had a lot of other stuff in between (freestyle competition, Zudnick, etc.).

Showing guys launching off the same jump doing the same tricks for 90 minutes isn't any more exciting that watching some one ski the same 3' deep powder run under blue skies for 90 minutes.

The problem is that once someone finds a successful bit of media, everyone over-uses it until we're all sick of it. Look at the new "reality TV" genre. It started with Survivor and that was successful. But, in typical lack-of-independent-though Entertainment Industry fashion, we're now bombarded with those shows. Survivor II, Survivor III, Big Brother, Boot Camp, The Mole, Lost, The Great Race, Temptation Island, Temptation Island II...and I'm sure I'm missing a few! Com'on, losers, do something different instead of riding on someone else's success!

Variety is what makes a ski movie great for me!
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I think they should show more ski mountaineering expeditions, like Nobis in Greenland a year or two ago (in WM's 'Ride' I believe, except the Greenland segment was WAY too short). I would have loved it if someone had made a movie (or at least part of one) of Davo Karnicar skiing Everest, or some of Andrew McLean's descents, etc... I know there is this sort of thing in Warren Miller flicks but the segments are WAY too short (plus I think TGR could do better).
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