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Mens GS (contains results)

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Baring any big surprises:

Pos Bib Name Nat 1st Leg 2nd Leg Final Time Diff
1 4 Stefan Eberharter AUT 01:11.98 01:11.30 02:23.28 +00.0

2 1 Bode Miller USA 01:12.89 01:11.27 02:24.16 +00.87

3 16 Lasse Kjus NOR 01:12.79 01:11.53 02:24.32 +01.3

4 2 Benjamin Raich AUT 01:12.83 01:11.57 02:24.40 +01.12

5 9 Cristoph Gruber AUT 01:12.82 01:11.59 02:24.41 +01.12

6 23 Bjarne Solbakken NOR 01:13.15 01:11.35 02:24.50 +01.21

7 15 Kjetil-Andr\351 Aamodt NOR 01:13.14 01:11.48 02:24.62 +01.34

8 10 Massimiliano Blardone ITA 01:12.72 01:12.15 02:24.87 +01.59

9 17 Ivica Kostelic CRO 01:13.05 01:11.87 02:24.92 +01.63

10 6 Didier Cuche SUI 01:13.25 01:11.75 02:25.00 +01.71

Looks like Bode had the fastest second run (by .03) but Eberharter blasted him in the first run. Way to go Bode. And it is great to see Eberharter with a gold.
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Your right it contains results, right on the F###in front page.....


Spoiled the magic for me....

Tape delayed live braodcasts are all some of us have right now....
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Where is it these reults show up without having to open something?
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Click on the banner at the top, or just go to
It shows a few of the days posts with the first poster's message.

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Thanks. Now I see why there are some upset people. However, in a forum with world wide input, it is hard not to deal with current events at all hours of the day.
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It was not my intention to ruin anyone's "live tape delayed broadcast". I have not determined the criteria that determines which message is displayed on the banner page. It appears to be the most recent new posting.

In the future I will not bother to post the results. Just the URL to (good site Norefjell). But you cannot expect people NOT to discuss current events as WTFH points out.
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Powder Junkie,

Of course not your intention at all. Didn't mean to give you that impression.

I probably shoulda known better. My apologies for the flare up.

Can't wait to start watching OLN again.
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