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5 ft 6' 160 level 9 = 156 or 165?

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Im 5 ft 6" level 9 165ish pound male ski alot of powder and off piste out here in CO. Ski about 40-60 days a year. Have some Dynastar Intuitiv 74's that were cheap but are too long (174) I love cruising in them and ski'd them hard and had absolutely no difficulty except for bumps..Would a 156 or 165 Legend 8000 be better because those are the ski's I want.
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165 for sure
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In that ski, a 165.
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So far 165 is it. Im thinking that way too. Anyone else?
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Definitely 165.
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Why not 172? Does height factor in much with today's skis? Based on skills and weight, I would think 172. You were happy with your last skis in everything but bumps. Is the solution really just to move to smaller skis? You may find that all the other areas that were great on 174's will now suffer (e.g. less flotation in powder, less stability at speed when cruising).

By the way, when you have been on skis that you liked in the bumps, what length were they?
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I would say 172 at the very least if you plan to ski powder/crud with them. You would have to be VERY careful to stay centered on a 165, or else risk going over the bars, as I like to put it, in powder. As a real lvl 9, you shouldn't have any issues.
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Hi kemper,
Did you write your 6 upside down?
I would think that 174 cm would be too short for a colorado ski. I would rather ski 208s through a few bumps than blast a back bowl on 165s.
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165 is probably good. I'm 250 lbs, and ski a max length of 180.
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The 8000 has a 79mm waist and in 165cm length has a turning radius of 16.

You may want to think about the Volkl AC4 163cm length with a tad wider waist of 82mm for better powder float and better turn radius of 14.4. Amazing that Volk can get a 14.4 radius turn out of a wide 82mm ski. At least test drive the AC4 first. You can buy the AC4 flat with no bindings for a reasonsonable price.
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I'm leaning towards the longer ones as well. I'm 165-170lbs, and I ski 183's in bumps all the time. I have to admit that my 185 Volant FB's are overkill...

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