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Australia: worst season ever?

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Talk about a white ribbon of death, how about a brown ribbon of death?!

Usually, September is good spring skiing, a bit like early-mid March in the northern Hem. But this has been a miserable snow year. Way too warm, and just not enough snow. Thredbo's been doing a bit better as they have snowmaking up and down this bit in the picture, but it's looking grim now.
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Yeah, we've been seeing heaps of Aussies over here in NZ this winter - last year it was our turn to have no snow, this year we've had heaps and they've had none.

However the weather gods are not smiling atm; the last few weeks have been warm, wet & windy and all that great snow doesn't look like it's going to last into the late spring like we'd hoped. Still, can't complain this has been the best winter for years - do feel sorry for the Aussies tho!
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Picture looks like Whistler in mid winter 2 seasons ago

Glad to hear the Kiwi's have had a decent season though.
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You think that's bad...

If I never have to dig drainage canals in a beginner area again it will be too soon...

I was at Crystal Mt., WA in '05, we lasted till January then had to close because of lack of snow. So, we waited a month expecting the snow to return. Then in February we decided to leave. So we had to find new jobs, drive to Canada for visa issues of the aussies and kiwis, then drive to Winter Park, find a place to live there, all with no money. Then had to wait close to a month before we got our first real paychecks (damn fornightly pay schedule)

Then went to Cardrona, NZ that summer and don't even think we had 2 metres of total snowfall, and if anything does say that.....it is lying.

Had to dig canals in both places so all the H2O runoff would not completely destroy the snow at the base area so we could still teach first timers. Talk about depressing!

You really learn to appreciate consistent snowfall after something like that.

Horrible news about OZ. Hope you guys bounce back next season. Although that usually means that NZ will get nothing if OZ does well.

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Ok help me out here,where are you suppose to ski in that picture.: : Maybe I should of taken up a sport that isn't weather dependent. NOT.
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ummm - slider... that is good cover for end of season... just that end of season is a bit early....

the first year my instructor made me ski down at end of season it was a bit thinner than that and stopped at that mid station (they had snow farmed to that side of that run).... I stopped and sat and cried on the side about the 4th lap when a snowboard had just tried to run me over... the lifty ended up talking me down and rescuing me... I sat at the lift station shaking for about 10 mins...
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Doesn't El Nino/La Nina have an effect on whether Oz or NZ gets the snow? Am I correct that we (NZ) are more likley to have more snow in El Nino years and Oz more in La Nina years?
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That's not CLOSED?!?!?
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I just got some snow stats from Remarkables, Coronet and Mt. Hutt on my recent trip to NZ. Minimal correlation to El Nino/La Nina. If NZ has little correlation, it's hard to see why Oz would have it either. South America (my stats are from Las Lenas) is strongly favored by El Nino, comparable to SoCal and Arizona.

The bottom line is that the Australian ski areas are at a very marginal altitude for their latitude. Comparable to mid-Atlantic in snow reliability IMHO though terrain is better than that.
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
That's not CLOSED?!?!?

NOpe.... I've skied that run immediately before it closed (and again straight after)... by then we had to ski over the patches of grass between the snow bits....

THAT is quite skiable! (For this run).... It helps if you know the run... it was graded(bulldozer) when constructed and then planted with snowgrass of a particular type that lays flat... Hence they need little cover to keep it operating... and it is quite easy to ski onto the grass and off again - you just have to stay balanced....

Want to guess why piles of soft/deep snow scare the crap out of me - but THAT does not ... it is called EXPERIENCE... I understand how to ski the crappy cover... but not the deep snow...
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ah it got worse since ant posted it... but still open I would guess...
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just checked - yep still open
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
That's not CLOSED?!?!?
And you can ski it for $91 a day! Yes, they make plenty of money, while crying poor and whinging about all the hard work and short season. In a duopoly. No, no one believes them any more.
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Oh and Big E.... if you look up hill - but not on piste - you will see clumps of bushes (not the trees which are snowgums - same sort as foreground)... one of my longer term aims is to learn to "ski" these... it helps when the cover is poor and you want to connect the snow bits...
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ahh and getting worse... and still open...

Ant - nah since Sept 7 you only pay $65 to ski that! (spring discount... hehehe)
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It has been the worst season ever because of the greed of wealthy ski resort owners .....$91 lift passes..creating bad KARMA..
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Yiikes! 91/day! What's a seasons pass worth?
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$1000 last one I got...
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D'oh! How many weeks long is the season?
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Unless we are extremely lucky....June 13th (or so) there is a puddle of man made on the beginner slope (I know I have done laps of thousand steps on it many years)

By October 7th (or so) peoples thoughts have turned to the beach... the snow is melting... you want to ski early(and it will be rock solid..but soften fast..or be slush from the get go)...

But no lifts no matter what... so from then on it is earn the turns if the snow is still around...

decent snow cover will probably exist by about July(ish more mid-late)...

Spring skiing... well some days it can be 15C+ ... you can see the result... and if it RAINS... well forget it there goes the base!
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I am so sorry.
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have had fun skiing this year despite the conditions, can only pray that next year we get heaps more white stuff!
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Big E - NOW it is CLOSED.... see the difference...
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Closed, is it? Not surprised. Meanwhile, PB's TV ads are still on. ye gods.
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We ski it down to the dirt here, too. At least your brown run is on a real mountain! Sorry the season was so bad. Better luck next year!
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Guys I feel bad for you, I hope you northern winters are better.

ant is threadbo your southern season resort? if so do you know reilly and russ that work at snowbird in the northern hempishere winter?
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I was at Thredbo a few years back. Yep, I know 'em!
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Mt Buller was bad last year - at best, we never had more than 50 per cent of the hill open (and it's only got a vertical drop of 400m at its peak) - but following the emails this year, it has looked even worse.

You know things are bad when the marketing releases talk about average cover on soft man-made of 30cms deep in places. I don't think they had more than eight lifts open on any day, and that's including the two beginner carpets.

If I had to have a season off, this was the season to have, I reckon.
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Victoria was even worse than NSW.... although that is hard to imagine...

Note... - it snowed! close the lifts and snow arrives... another week or 2 and the BC crowd will be laughing
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No, the ground warmed up a month or so back, so these snowfalls are melting very quickly. I didn't both with BC or tele at all this year, as it involved more bushes and sticks than snow.
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