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Skiing on CBS Now (Sunday)

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Just turned on the TV and found skiing on CBS. Ultimate Bumps and Jumps at Lake Placid.
Can't wait to see the free mogul runs...should be good. Skiing finally making some inroads into TV.

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It may be making progress in your part of the country, but not in the south!!! I would have to loved to have seen that!!! You didn't tape it, did you???

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Unfortunately I didn't tape it. I don't think any of the real top skiers were there. Seemed like a small early season warmup event.
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We got the broadcast down here in NC.

Too bad that most of the skiers looked like they could have used a few more lessons in the bumps. If the idea was to prove that some of these jibbers could actually 'ski', it failed misserably. Kind of fun to watch Tanner Hall try to ski moguls though.

For the most part, there were not many 'top' athletes there.
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I was thinking the same thing watching those guys in the bumps..pretty ugly. The air stuff was nice on the other hand. I definitely prefer this format over the lame twister twister spreads of the "usual" bump competitions. Hopefully some better bump skiers show up for future shows.
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c'mon, you guys still can't accept 'jibbers' as part of skiing? there are younger kids and people just getting into it that can't ski but most pros up there now can ski. Most of them come from mogul backgrounds, Some were top mogul competitors. I thought their mogul skills were pretty good, they stayed in the line (except for steele), were absorbing, made turns, had their hands up and in front making pole plants, had their legs together. Do they have to be world cup level? Their performance in the air was the bad part. With the exception of a few tricks most of it was just average stuff.
It was kind of a disapointing competition, they needed some more competitors and some more bigger names in it. The bigger names that were there didn't even come close to showing their best performance.
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I just went back and watched it again (I love you Tivo) and the air was really weak. One guy threw a hand plant on the quarter pipe... Mike Douglas (who did a pretty decent job commentating) had to search to come up with positive things to say about that. Only about two of the quarter pipe competitors did anything really nice. Hopefully more people bring their A game next time.
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