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Another Plea for Ski Bag Recommendations

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I have an Axis (generic?) double, non-wheeled, unpadded : ski bag that I have used for 4 seasons traveling by air without issue. I just got new skis, though, and would feel more comfortable with a bag that has a bit more protection and is perhaps easier to maneuver.

I have used the search feature and found a good bit of info here on ski bags for air travel. From what I've read and because of airline security, I think that a soft padded bag instead of a hard shell (Sport Tube, etc.) is probably best for me for various reasons. (I realize that it is risky).

The penny-pincher in me bought an inexpensive High Sierra double wheeled bag from STP (maybe an older model). I was disappointed when it arrived. It has very little padding and an odd method to secure the skis inside. The only way I can fit both pairs of skis and get the zipper closed is to create nasty looking bulges from the bindings. Someone else on the board had the same issue, so I'm assuming that it's not me doing something stupid (though I wouldn't rule it completely out ). Anyway, I'm sending it back and need to figure which bag might actually work best for me.

Bears had some favorable things to say about the following bags. Any suggestions as to which might work best? It needs to fit:

Volkl Attiva AC2 149cm 116-72-103
Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous 170cm 123-78-108

DaKine Concourse Double ($90)
Glissade Double ($150)
Volkl Double Wheeled ($63)
An Ebay bag from bagsonthego ($60)

Also, any input as to whether a wheeled ski bag is actually easier to maneuver than a non-wheeled? My husband and I typically also have two other wheeled pieces of luggage and don't know if a wheeled ski bag would be more trouble than it's worth.
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I bought 2 of the Dakine bags on SAC in the spring and am impressed by them. My son used them to go to Mt. Hood and it worked great. Padding is nice and the size is good, 185 max length.

The Glissade bag scares my just because of the skis that they use to display it...K2 910 DH Skis? C'mon.
The Volkl bag is designed for skis up to 203cm, why? Not needed.
The Ebay bag? I am not into generic for carying my skis, sorry.
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DaKine. Period. Their bags are really sweet, they are pretty much the only ones I have seen hold up to heavy travel. I like wheels on my ski bags for things like going through customs because ski bags don't balance on luggage carts very well so I put my other bags on the cart and drag the ski bag.
Have fun.
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I've had a Dakine Concourse double for 3 years and been very happy with it. Has protected my skis great.

I recently bought 2 Dakine Fall Line double bags (one for my wife 170mm, one to give to my brother for Christmas 185mm) from backcountry.com and they are very similiar. They don't have the internal pole divider flap, but have the same padding. The concourse has an extra layer of tough tarpelin material on the bottom also.

I don't think you could go wrong with either Dakine bag. They are very padded all around. I still pack plenty of clothes around the skis, though, just for extra protection.
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I have the single but am thinking of bumping up to the double or triple.

I used it last season on trips to Utah, JH, and Colo.
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A couple of years ago I purchased one of the bags from bagsonthego on eBay. I am very happy with the bag. It is VERY well made and easily accommodates 2 sets of skis with poles. The zipper is heavy duty, the wheels are high quality and the straps are solid and functional. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one again. For $60 you won't be disappointed.

I am a big fan of Dakine but have to say that their ski bag is not as good as the one I got on eBay. Just because it lacks a brand name doesn't mean it is not good. There are many bags out there with brand names on them that are simply not worth the money. I'm not saying the other bags on your list are not good, I'm just giving you my opinion on the one offered from bagsonthego.

Also, the owner seems to be a good guy. I also purchased a couple of boot bags for my daughters but did not like them. No problem in sending them back for a refund.
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I'm looking for a good bag too, my old Swix bag is worn fitting two pairs is very tight. I need space for a pair of Sanouks and 84 Big Stixs with AT bindings, so 195 cm is the minimum length (and I wouldn't mind 2 metres, nice to have room for future expansions ).

In addition to the Concourse, Dakine also has a bag called Fall Line. It's a bit cheaper and seems to be more simple insid. Has anyone got experience with this one?

What about Dynastar, do they have any padded bags? The info offered on their website is appaling...
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Dakine, definitely. It fits two pairs of skis and a bunch of cloths for protecting the skis. I also went on a shorter trip out west in April where I only used it for one pair of skis and clothes and the bag held it's shape. The bag kicks ass, almost as much as the skis I put so lovingly in it.
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I use a pretty crumby bag, but it has a fair amont of excess room, which I fill with clothes. The clothes go a long way toward protecting the skis, and make it much less likely my other bag will go over weight. It doesn't matter much the quality of the bag if it will stay closed with a good stuffing of clothes around the skis.
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Originally Posted by torfinn View Post
In addition to the Concourse, Dakine also has a bag called Fall Line. It's a bit cheaper and seems to be more simple inside. Has anyone got experience with this one?

Bump. Anyone?
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Sporttube for flying, end of story. For car travel, I've used a padded, wheeled volkl bag that was on sale at my local shop.
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Back when I used to use a carry-ski-bag, I seemed to have less problems. Now I have a bells and whistles board bag with largish wheels, I've never seen a bag get such rough treatment! Baggage handlers seem to bear it great hatred. The contents do OK, but the bag itself has been in the wars. In terms of portability and protection of contents, the old pick-up-and-carry ski bag did much better. And the handlers didn't try to beat it to death.
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