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Goji juice?

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Anyone have any info or have had any results with this product? I've been hearing lots lately.
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Get it and start drinking it!
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I would also like some feedback, if it cures my knees and makes aging a thing of the past.
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makes aging a thing of the past?

you should be old enough to know better. selling it is better than drinking it. ask dr dean edell
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www.thegojidreamteam.com is a good start for info like 34 reasons to drink goji, and goji healthstories

www.ojayjohnson.freelife.com is good too

juicesgoji@hotmail.com fro more info or shoot me a pm
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Don't these fad items come and go? A few years back it was bluegreen algae. Many years before that it was royal jelly. There have been many other fad nutritional items come and go between those.

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