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Originally Posted by CanadaSteep View Post
^^Good Call.
I have the Delta AR from arc'teryx, and I like the cut.
The upside to having a "fitted" garment, is that there is less dead air to heat up, so basically a tighter fitting top is a more effective insulator (that's what I figure).
Ummm, no. dead air is an insulator.
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Originally Posted by 2-turn View Post
I hope you changed your mind and jumped on that. I almost did, and I have enough jackets to clothe an army. I think it would have made a nice midlayer on super cold days....
BTW. When not in uniform, I use a Mountain Hardware windstopper fleece under my shell when it's really cold.
Good thing you didn't. I just got the ArcTeryx women's version from SAC, and it's a lot lighter weight in person than it appeared in the description. Still a nice jacket though.
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