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Line Prophet 75?

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I found these on ebay
but Line doesnt make the prophet in the 75mm waist, right?
Do you think it might just be a mistake?

My second question is, which ski is better, the Line Assassin MTX PRO (2005) or the Line Prophet 75 (2006)I am looking for an all mountain ski for the west coast. I am a level 6-7 skier and I might try some park. I am 6ft, 180lbs. What ski do you guys think is better for me, Thanks.
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AFAIK these were pre-production models/samples of which only a limited number was made. Not a mistake.

I've not ridden either the Assassin MTX nor the Prophet 75, but these two are basically the same metal matrix directional twin ski. The MTX Pro should be slightly stiffer and wider (80 instead of 75) but I would look at something wider for all-mountain.
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I skied the Prophet 80 in 2005/2006. It was spry. Can only imagine that a 75 would be more so.

The only thing I was able to discover is that I think the Assassin may be one of the last models of Line skis that were made in Canada before they moved operations overseas. Dunno if that makes any difference to you or not (i.e. I believe the Prophet 80 from 2005/2006 was made in China and if I recall they had some problems with the initial batch. I tried to demo them in December 2005 and the shops in Tahoe didn't get any until around mid-late Jan because of problems). I demoed a pair for 3 days and liked 'em fine, though.
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I demoed the 80's last year. I liked how they turned and hooked up underfoot, but for my larger frame they were not enough for PNW soft conditions. I was not impressed with the Line bindings on the ski. Lots of fun on the front side maintained, but they felt over matched in the soft backside. I'm purchasing the 90's in the 186 length for my everyday ski with Rossi bindings.
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I still cant decide which ski to get, it really comes down to the waist size. I dont know if i need a 80mm or a 75mm, can someone tell the differences and point me in the right direction?
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well i got the Line Prophet 75 (176cm) for $249 and the Tyrolia MoJo 11 bindings for $69 Im picking them up on Sunday, does anyone have any suggestions on where to mount the bindings?
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On the topsheet, not the base. Be sure that when you mount them the tip and tail turn up. Seriously though, ask the shop you're picking them up at if they have a Line manual that has suggested mounting points.
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