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SKI Magazine Releases Highly-Anticipated 2007 'Top 50 Resort Guide' - Page 2

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Don't know why you're always talking up Jay, it's a small, icy hill and cold.
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I know it was -14 degree last time I was there, and the ice that fell outta of the sky was so light that i kept choking on it.
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They clearly have not skied at Whiteface
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Aren't some of us guilty for the same thing everyone's complaining about SKI Magazine's poll? Everyone's all bent out of shape that SKI and its readers chose to highlight resorts that probably cater more to "vacationers" than "hard core" skiers. Well, thats who reads Ski Magazine. They value things like nice slopeside lodging, dining options for them and their family, etc. If they're gonna take one of their 2 weeks of vacation, its going to be in relative comfort. Its just their choice and what they enjoy, just as most of the people here don't mind sparse ammenities if it means better terrain/more snow. Honestly I'm somewhere in between now that I have less time each year to ski and usually have to take others into account when planning a trip. Sure, I don't mind staying in a bunk house and getting up at 6am for first chair on a powder day, but others in my family/group may. We're trying to apply our values to their rating, just as everyone here is pissed that they're supposedly telling us these are the best resorts because of "X". I think everyone just needs to chill a bit and consider the audience.

Also, for the record, the article is the "Top 50 RESORTS" not the "Top 50 places to ski". Usually when people think of "Resort" they think of the much maligned expensive loding, dining, activities, etc.
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Welcome all the new members, to The annual epicski bashing of the Ski Magazine Resort ratings.
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EXCELLENT INFO!!! Now I know exactly where to plan my ski trips for the next 10-20 years and even better in what order to take them. Takes all the guesswork out of it..............
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
The biggest surpise to me are that Mammoth is not listed at all in the top ten.
made it to #9 last year.

effed themselves for this year, though, by getting almost 700" inches of snow, alienating the voters.

who wants to drive through a blankity-blank snowstorm to go skiing?

question: by bagging on the SKI rankings, do i get a couple "core" points?
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I actually participated in this survey but honestly didn't know each category was equally weighted:

I guess next time I'll only include the skiing aspects in my answers.

Although I've skied at and enjoyed 6 of the top 10, only two make my personal top ten from a strictly skiing standpoint.

I'll be hitting the Aspen areas for the 1st time during the ESA this season and am looking forward to trying them out
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50 top resorts

SIDECUT. Get a grip on yourself!
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Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post
I actually participated in this survey but honestly didn't know each category was equally weighted:

I guess next time I'll only include the skiing aspects in my answers...
No, you're a gaper. We don't read SKi (although it comes free in the mail). All you care about is your fur apres ski boots. Your favorite ski areas have valet parking so the fur boots don't get muddy in an unpaved parking lot. HAHAHA

Actually the fact that you care more about the skiing than the other stuff is not what we want to hear. How can we feel superior to SKI readers when you point this out? Oh yeah, we ignore that fact.
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The resort survey is getting pretty uneventful. This is my 5th year subscribing to ski and I think they just swap places in 1-5 and 6-10 every year, maybe bringing 11 & 12 into top 10 mix. I guess they do accompany the how "resort feel", since it is top resort guide. I don't think that the order can change much each year because the resorts don't change much. Unless a resort triples their lodging, or doubles their acreage, it will pretty much stay the same.
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I would like to hear the Bottom 10 ski resorts for the East and West.


Wild Mountain, Minnesota (great French fries)


Hoodoo,Oregon (steep,deep and cheap)

Any other nominations?
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That's an evil twist! My home mountain Ski Liberty gotta get a mention in 10 worst.

Bryce in Va. is pretty sad.

I ski at Ski Bradford when I visit my sister in Mass. The skiing is very bad there.

Vermont: Stratton

Snoeshow may be the worst in WVa.
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imo, sugarloaf is the # east resort...been there twice, and have been amazed everytime with the diversity of the terrain as well as the nice ammenities. not to mention they have some of the steepest stuff around. im glad it at least made the list this year, as in the past the loaf gets overlooked...cant beat the vertical either. either way the rankings are just that...someones opintion
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Ski Mag

The 10 worst Ski Areas.

The worst ski area in No. Idaho is .................... (it's so bad I can say the name, terrible snow (too much too dry), huge crowds and liftlines (tops l minute at Christmas vacation), really high cost (season pass cost me a whoping @ $219.00) Food is terrible (thats true), base lodge has a condo development and 1 motel and no night life. It's so ugly no one comes to No. Idaho
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Wait, no fair using the double reverse psychology. Hoodoo looks too good too be true. Are you guys trying to trick me?

I really do ski at Liberty and Bradford and they really do suck. Google them. Play nice or I'll report to the moderators.

If you are reading this thread, it's now about the worst areas, we did the SKI's best resorts thread last year. Post there if you like Sugarloaf (I love it).

From what I've heard Ski Scweitzer is the worst in Idaho.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese View Post
Boggles my mind why Whiteface is always up there.
It shocks me because Whiteface is a true skiers mountain without any of the glitz and attitude shared by the other resorts that made the cut in the survey. On a good snow day, there is no better Eastern Mountain than Whiteface.

I know, I know "Whiteface" and "a good snow day" are not often seen in the same sentence.
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Thanks for welcoming new members to the annual bash, but of course it is all perception from subscription holders isn't it? I was actually lurking and not posting during the last two years of annual Ski Magazine Top 50 bashing. I am a self-acclaimed "advanced" skier, meaning to me that I've skied for a number of years and I'll try most things until I can't make it and then I stop. I'm from the Midwest, as my moniker implies, and I am used to there being no love for the little resorts even though that's all I can get to for any number of hours and hours in the car.
On the other hand, I buy Ski because it has cool pictures of mountains that I hardly ever get to go see, and I buy Skiing because its more accurate with rankings - hey, there is a "truth" out there, and vertical, snowfall, acreage, and challenge all factor in pretty heavily. You guys/gals all seem to know that.
I've got to say though, Holiday Valley has to land in the Midwest ranking and not the East. I know because I can drive there and back for a single ski day on the weekend without missing work or spending oodles on plane tix. I can't do that with any other NY ski resort over 700 feet - so its a Midwest resort.
I can't imagine Vail is really better than Wistler is it? I've been to Vail but not BC? I don't know that I'll ever go to an eastern resort because it costs me less to fly to Denver, Reno, or SLC than anywhere East.
Guess that's all I want to say.
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I suppose Vail has the back bowls, and they had a good snow year last year, thats probably why they ranked where they did. I prefer Whistler, but some vacationers may be afraid of the unpredictability of the snow/weather when booking a trip far in advance, or since its not as easy an in/out as Vail with the airport right there. Personally I love the drive, but it could make it tough for a family coming from the east with limited time (basically takes an entire day each way). I'm sure some frequent Whistler skiers will know better than me, but they either seem to have epic (like from Jan onward last year) or disaster years (like the 04-05 season) with not a lot of room in between. I've been lucky, every time I've been there its been excellent, cold and snowy from top to bottom!
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
That's an evil twist! My home mountain Ski Liberty gotta get a mention in 10 worst.
It would get my vote.
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Ski Liberty is leading the poll at this point! Finally we're getting our props. Local's pride is welling up in me. I hope the notoriety won't draw crowds.
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I do agree Ski Liberty sucks, yet I keep returning for some reason?? Ahh thats right, its better than Roundtop
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Why does DV always get bashed so much here? Has anyone ever actually skied there? I did once last year and it was actually pretty good. Lot's of easily found untracked powder in the woods much unlike Alta/Bird. The terrain isn't the most challenging on average but it's certainly good enough to have plenty of fun on. Finally, the extra $1 you pay in the lodge for pretty good food is well worth it compared to the usual slop at most resorts (yes, sorry, I take a break to eat in the lodge). So top 10 maybe not but it has plenty to offer.

Whiteface is a true skiers mountain as someone else pointed out. Tons of vert, steep and excellent potential when good snow is available. The last part is the downside as ferocious winds can know all of the good snow off that mountain in no time. #3, no but maybe #10.
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I think that all of the comments made here about vacationers and not hard core skiers selecting the top resorts is right on, however . . .
There is good info in the ranking and in the magazine. It talks about Vail and Deer Valley, etc catering to the more affluent and to those who might value shopping on a par with skiing and about the European villages. When our family started skiing, the mag steered us correctly away from these places and more to the Cottonwoods and Ogden, Utah.
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Originally Posted by garyskr View Post
I think that all of the comments made here about vacationers and not hard core skiers selecting the top resorts is right on, however . . .
The magazine set the criteria, not the vacationer/hard core skier/poll respondent. You are right on about the information provided and it's value vs. the somewhat arbitrary ordinal ranking.
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I'll repeat the details of how SKI and SKIING do their rankings (copied from a year ago):

I have responded to the SKI survey 4 times. They give you room to review 6 areas. I send them a bunch of photocopies because I usually have around 25 on their list over the previous 2 seasons.

Telerod15 has the analysis right. SKI magazine is weighting all the factors evenly. In the survey they ask the readers to rate the importance of each factor. Thus it would be simple for SKI to use those weightings. I sent them an e-mail last year inquiring why they don't do that and never received a response. The list would come out looking more reasonable if it used reader importance weightings, but that would detract from the editorial effort to position SKI like the old Snow Country.

SKIING does not survey its readers. It surveys its editors, some pro skiers and uses on a limited basis some objective factors like vertical drop and annual snowfall. My website http://bestsnow.net is the source of their snowfall stats.

Over the past several years Time4media's editorial direction has been to differentiate the mags, with SKI trying to emulate 1990's Snow Country and SKIING trying to emulate 1990's Powder. However, I recall that the reader demographics of the 2 magazines (average ~$90K household income, 22 or so ski days per season) remain almost identical. FYI the latter statistic is the important one. If you go snowcat skiing or on an Extremely Canadian World Tour, you will find that the people who can afford those trips are every bit as fanatical about skiing as the typical EpicSki member.
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I would not have expected a 22-day average, although I guess that skews due to the large number of "subscribers" for each mag who get subs as perks with season tickets and other purchases that would tend to raise the averages.
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I would speculate that the typical 5-10 day a season skier doesn't subscribe to any ski mags. The 30+ day skier subscribes to several and/or gets some as perks.
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Fair enough. I know that in my case, I started subscribing to Skiing when I was a 10-day, but that was kind of a gateway drug. And I subscribe to a lot more mags now.
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I just got mine today. I don't understand the whole overall satisfaction category. Isn't that the same as the overall rating? Well, Alta gets #1 here, that would be my #1 overall anyways.
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