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To my Uncle Harry

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I don't know what to say, really, but thought I had to say something. My Uncle Harry died last week, at the age of 81, from a fall he took leaving church a couple of Sundays ago. He hit his head on a step and never regained consciousness. He had a living will, and was taken off life support. It only took a few hours for Uncle Harry to pass on to the great powder field in the sky.

The reason I had to post this here is that Uncle Harry, and my Aunt Jean (my father's oldest sister - my dad is the youngest of 5) are the skiing Aunt and Uncle in my family. They live in New Cannan, CT and have a house on the back side of Jay Peak. They started skiing in 1958, and skied up until the season before last, when Uncle Harry couldn't ski any more due to a mild stroke, although he had been planning on skiing this year because he was getting better. My Aunt Jean, who is 79 still plays tennis a couple days a week. I don't know if she has plans to ski any more or not. My father did mention that she will be selling the place at Jay (if anyone's interested, it's a beautiful 4 bedroom A-Frame chalet, and will probably be on the market asap) so that leads me to believe she won't be skiing anymore, although she has a network of friends up there.

I'm gonna miss my uncle Harry and all his stories of skiing in the old world and his 3-5 major ski trips a year.

It's also a little rough on me because Harry was the first person in my family (not including my wife's family - my M-I-L died in '95), other than my grandparents to die. My aunts and uncles are getting up there in age (a few in their 80s), and the thought of more funerals in the future is not very pleasant.
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First chair from now on Harry...
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My best wishes goes to you and your family. Losing a loved one, especially when said person is still very active and healthy, is always tough and surprising since it reminds us all of the fleeting nature of life.

But on the bright side, no more snowboarders or queues for Harry, only fresh, untouched pow.
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My condolences to you and your family. What a nice tribute to your Uncle. He's well remembered with lots of love!!

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No regrets for the times you shared. Many bitter sweet moments when you will wish you had just one more chance to share another of those powder days.
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