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ARRGH!!! Jackson Hole Loses to Snowbird

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Jamesdeluxe posted this in the Vertical Feet thread, but it needs its own thread:


This is so humiliating. [img]redface.gif[/img]

I was just sure the Jackson team would somehow overcome Snowbird's technological and terrain advantages - faster tram, smoother route down - but it wasn't to be. The Snowbird women beat the Jackson team (by a tiny margin, but they still won).

Now I'll have to listen to my Snowbird friends rag on about this all winter. :

Well, sour grapes aside, my hat's off to the Snowbird girlz. 87k vertical feet is one heck of a feat. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Hey Bob, looks like Snowbird is better that Jackson Hole after all.

Looking into a Feb trip up, some skiing and fishing. You going to be around Bob?
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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
Hey Bob, looks like Snowbird is better that Jackson Hole after all.

Looking into a Feb trip up, some skiing and fishing. You going to be around Bob?
Fishing??? Are you going ice fishing for lake trout on Jackson Lake or are you going to fish on the Snake River? The Snake can actually be very good that time of year if you catch the weather just right.

Let me know your dates when you firm it up. I will very likely be there Feb 14-18, but can probably arrange other dates.

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Here's the Trib's take on the Tram Race:


I will probably ski most of the time, imagine that, but will bring along my fly rod for the Snake, just in case. A few others will probably spend at least a full day on the river. No ice fishing, not now, not ever... (I grew up in Michigan, had my fill)

Maybe we can get some of the Utah Bears together for some laps on the Tram at the Bird before the Gathering?
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28 times down Corbet's.

That's gotta be worth some type of bonus.
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Almost Time for a Rematch
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It would be almost time, except the Snowbird tram wasn't running yesterday and the chair cables were all leaking grease all over everyone riding them. So I say we postpone this
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Did they hold the trams at the bottom and wait for the skiers to get down or did they just ride the same tram all day?
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Bird-hater through and through
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Pretty good overview of the rules ^^

Looks pretty sick!!! Corbet's Couloir in that group? Just for that, it owns Snowbird, even if they lost.

And also, I believe the shorter the lift, the most vertical you get packed in. Therefore, Snowbird, I believe, should win. As well as Snowbird doesn't ski as challenging terrain! But why is it All-Women and JH is not?

Sweeeet though!
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For those of you who are wondering what this is about, particularly since most of the links no longer work...

Several years ago, there was a challenge between Snowbird and Jackson Hole. Each resort named a four-person team and the idea was to see which team could rack up the most vertical in a day using that resort's tram.

Here's an online report from Powder Mag: Snowbird Wins Tram-Off

'Women of the Wasatch' Log 348,000 vertical feet, 75 Miles

Snowbird, Utah - A team of four women skied and snowboarded a record 30 Snowbird Trams Tuesday logging a team total of 348,000 vertical feet and claiming the title of Tram Off champions. The margin of victory was a combined 324 vertical feet. Jackson's team logged 347,676.
By catching every blue Tram car of the day, the Snowbird team covered 75 miles on the groomed Chip's Run between 9 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. - normal operating hours with the public aboard. Each Snowbird athlete skied/rode 87,000 vertical feet compared to 86,919 vertical feet (21 Trams) by each of Jackson's athletes.
Snowbird's team - Sarah Clemensen, Nora Pincus, Kasha Rigby and Shannan Yates - were assisted by two Cliff Spa massage therapists providing rubdowns on every Tram ride of the afternoon.
"I had the best time skiing with all these ripping women," said Snowbird team member Shannan Yates.
Snowbird team member Nora Pincus

Prior to Tuesday, Snowbird's record for Trams in a day was 27.
Jackson Hole's team consisted of Ambassador Tommy Moe; snowboarder John Griber; telemarker and Nordic Center Director Scott MgGhee and champion freeskier AJ Cargill. The Snowbird Tram covers 2,900 vertical feet in 7-8 minutes; Jackson's Tram climbs 4,139 feet in 12 minutes. Both resorts operated their Trams at full speed for Tuesday's competition.
The winner of the race was determined by cumulative vertical skied and ridden by the entire team. Team members skied/rode together and trams ran on their normal schedule. All trails were open and competitors obeyed all skier and rider safety rules. At Jackson Hole, the course was an off-piste route until about half way down. It included Rendezvous Bowl, Corbet's Couloir and Downhill Chute to Amphitheater then Gros Ventre. Snowbird's groomed course consisted of Chip's and Peruvian Gulch.

As you might imagine, the grapes were appropriately sour here in Jackson Hole. The Snowbird girls got MASSAGES during the tram rides and the rumor was that they had a couch in the tram so they could recline during the ride up.

Also, the JH guys made most of their runs (not quite all, I think) following the traditional "FASTEST WAY DOWN", which is Corbet's Couloir to Tensleep Bowl to the Downhill Chute to Amphitheater to Gros Ventre. The first third of that route is pretty darned gnarly. The Snowbirders did mostly Chip's Run.

Be that as it may, the Wasatch girls won and the contest hasn't been held since. Our new tram is supposed to be a little faster, so maybe somebody will renew the challenge.
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Originally Posted by boomer View Post
Bird-hater through and through
you probably cant ski but nothing wrong with that.

just because snowbird doesnt have anything marked like corbert doesnt mean snowbird doesnt have harder scarier stuff.

death chute, and forbidden zone let alone tons of other unnamed runs.

this is right off the cirque traverse and its less scary for me than corbert's but I think most would say this is a harder drop than corberts.

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