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bump line preference

Poll Results: what's your line?

  • 35% (7)
    Zipperline it or go home.....beyotch! :mad:
  • 15% (3)
    I ski the zipperline unless it's too tough.
  • 5% (1)
    I avoid the zipperline inless there's no other choice, but ooo my knees and back....:(
  • 35% (7)
    Harrumphh. Unlike skid and slam hacks, SKILLED skiers carve a nice round line in the bumps. :cool:
  • 10% (2)
    SKI BUMPS??? uh oh, I think I just peed my pants :o
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what's your line?
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Why stick with one particular line? Mix it up and have fun...
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What Ssh said.
Carving the zipper line at speed is the hardest.
Slip and slide can be made easy if you go slow.
Some haystacks just can't be effectively zipperlined; the speed required to make it up the uphill side would plant you into the bottom of it.
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Ridges and the Bridges, or slam the troughs, or ride the crests, or take 2 at a time.... jet turns!

i'd like to see someone ski zipperline all day. If you ski 'em properly, all day is not a problem.
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If the zipper is there and the snow is good, it is where I prefer to ski, if it is not, then I will find various lines.
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Like Warren Miller said many times (you have only so many bumps in your knees.) The older you get the less you have. I'm down to those precious few,
so why bang them hard when you can ski them easy.
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Zipperline is just more fun IMHO
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Less margin for error with zipperline; if you stuff something up, you're pretty-well gorn.
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