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Snowcat skiing in Michigan

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The owners of Mt. Bohemia in the upper peninsula of Michigan and the operators of the state-owned Porcupine Mt. Ski Area are at it again. It looks like this year they are adding snowcat skiing on 575 feet of vertical adjacent to Porcupine Mountain.


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Because 575 feet of vertical is just way too far to hike.
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Originally Posted by Takecontrol618 View Post
Because 575 feet of vertical is just way too far to hike.
My thoughts exactly. This picture on the website has also got to be from somewhere else (CO maybe?) as their map shows absolutely no above timberline terrain. Also note the nicely obscured logo of the cat company:

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That photo could have been taken at the top of a wide trail.
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What I'd like to know is why the trail map makes it look like 575ft. is greater than the entire vertical of their main slopes when I beleive, if mempry serves me correctly, they list their vert at 641ft.?

Seems a little over the top if you ask me. Why not put a couple toe ropes in and be done with it.
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I wonder if the snowcat area will be closed off to hiking? Not that I get to the Porkies on any sort of a regular basis, but I'd love to track that baby out before the cats even get a chance to start running someday.
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I'm surprised that they only get 200" per year in snow. It's right on the lake?

It could be a good time and cat skiing may help broaden the financial base.

I would hope that hiking would still be available. Seeing hikers would peak the interrest of other skiers, maybe get them to pay for cat skiing.
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I hope the terrain will be steeper as the rest of the area is mediocre at best. They could use some real diamond runs! The lake wind was a factor the couple times i've visited there which means the runs do not hold the fresh stuff like they would if they faced the back side. i enjoyed the big sky type atmosphere of no bumping elbows with thye neighbor!
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