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Let's Go Colorado III - Page 17

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Breck 4/9: faST bEaRS

A shot of some especially fast bears (notice the nice rails):
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Breck 4/9: UL paid me extra...

to make sure that I didn't publish a shot of him dropping his right arm:
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Breck 4/9: Lunch

The lunch crew at Vista Haus (clockwise El Coacho, Betsy, DeeDee, Mikey, Dookey, Brookey, Bluelab, Littleton Sue (Seg) & Pbiker):
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Breck 4/9: Lunch

Lewbob (bluelab) expounds on his theory of the ever expanding snowball universe as Pedalbaker and UL look on sceptically:
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Breck 4/9: lUNcH

Having a dubbelD moment (SO HOW BIG WERE THOSE BUMPS???):
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Action Shots

Hope you all appreciate those action shots from breck and vail, we had some concerns that this thread was turning into "Paula's Skiers go to a Wedding". Yes, we do ski too...

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Overheard on lift at Breck this week

"Well you know I suppose we could later pop by the studio to watch a spot of Telly and then maybe do a little shopping along the High Street if you'd rather that than ski..."

When not riding with LGC'ers it seems that everyone else that I was on the lift with at Breck or Vail this week was from Blighty across the sea. Maybe they need to change the resort's names to Brittonridge and Brail for April.

Omigod, is that the Queen I see stepping into the Main Street Outlet ??? (rule Britannia fades)
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Here are the pics from klkaye...

bong, ssh, bklyntrayc at the Friday meeting:

?, Tsavo, Betsy, DonDenver at apres:

Mr. Vertical, jgiddyup, Mrs. Vertical:

bklyntrayc in the sun:

?, Viking kaj, madmike, jgiddyup, Viking cub(?):


dookey & bklyntrayc:

And it wouldn't be Vail without a fartbag sighting, now would it?
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Granted the first 13 entries in a popular online Urban Slang Dictionary all pertain to poop, #14 provides an alternate (and more widely accepted within the Hip-Hop Community) definition of Dookie (btw, as a speech major I decided that Dookey was a more accurate spelling as the "i-e" would technically make it sound like "Cookie"):


Gold or golden

"He wore the Dookie when we met Queen Elizabeth/Asked her was she jealous, she said 'A little bit'." - Ugly Duckling, from "I did it like this," see also "Eye on the Gold Chain"

"Dookie braids was a aid to the sex appeal" - Pharcyde from "oh sh@t"

In fact most of the earliest uses of the term "dookie" in rap pertained to fat gold chains like the ones that Eric B & Rakim, LL Cool J, and the Fat Boys (as well as Fab Five Freddy on Yo! MTV Raps and in the Blondie "Rapture" video) used to rock back in the early 80s.

Just trying to set the record straight.

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I headed to Bredkenridge this morning to catch up with Heluvaskier, dd223 and Heluva's dad to hit them off with a few tickets. We hit the hill for a few runs as "the Mrs." was meeting me at noon.

We went everywhere and hiked the Lake Chutes. At the bottom of the Imperial lift Heluva thought one of his skis wasn't "quite right" and we checked and found a broken sidewall. BUMMER. Well next run Heluva found a rather large rock on Whale's Tail and suffered a major "core shot" right to the metal. Here are pics of the core shot and an unknown skier at the top of the only part of the Lake Chutes that were open.
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The three Gregs at the top of the Imperial Hike:
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Ow! Greg, that's not good!

See you tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
Ow! Greg, that's not good!

See you tomorrow!
I have them all patched up now. Hopefully they will be ready to go tomorrow morning. I will investigate my options for repair or replacement when I get home. They still ski great (minus the whole missing base thing), so they can't be too badly hurt.

See you tomorrow.

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that yellow fart bag is so nasty it actually GLOWS on the screen ... you see that?

hey wait "golden ... yellow" ... so DOOKEY means big glowing golden yellow fartbag? man, I knew that name resembled you!

K Dub
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Thanks for the memories, my friends! What a wonderful way for me to end my personal LGC this season with a cadre of friends skiing fresh snow at A Basin. I'll look forward to the pictures, and my personal vote for the best MA material of the day is Brklyntrac.

See you next time!
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And, to build on ssh's post, tomorrow's the last scheduled ski day of LGC III, so if you haven't gotten out to ski with us yet, come on out to Loveland. The snow should be terrific and the sun's supposed to be out too: sweet!

Shadow the Wonder Dog and I didn't make it to the Basin today, but, by golly, we'll be at Loveland tomorrow! Will you?!
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Loveland Tix for tomorrow

Anyone going to be there tomorrow with a season pass so I can mooch a $ 40 buddy pass? Otherwise I will have to hit the Kiosk at City Market tomorrow on the way up.


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I'm going to need discount for a friend that's skiing with us also.

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My dad and I have two discount coupons for Loveland. The deal is two adult passes for $70. He and I will be using one, but the two of you are welcome to have the other coupon. Shoot me a PM if you would like to use it.
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I'll be there and I have a pass. I think it's only good for one $40 ticket per day though. I'll see what they say in the a.m.
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Originally Posted by madmike View Post
I'll be there and I have a pass. I think it's only good for one $40 ticket per day though. I'll see what they say in the a.m.
Yes please.

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A-basin 4/13: Trip Report

A-basin 4/13 was good. Very fast snow, more like december than tax day. We spent the morning on the groomers and cut pow while they did avi control on the east wall, did a run or two on the east wall in very wind packed stuff when they opened this up and then after lunch spent the afternoon on Palli bumping it up. I don't think anyone who was there was dissapointed. I will post a pic or two this morning with more to follow.

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A-basin 4/13: Group Photo

From left to right ( Betsy Bomber, Don Denver ssh, doublediamond, trayc, el coacho, vincenzo, greg's dad (missing helluva, milkman)):
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Abasin 4/13: Vincenzo

I'm on top of the world (sans Titanic):
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Driving in to work this morning the mountains looked beautiful and the snow looked fresh, so I am thinking of you all with envy today. My only concilation is that my back and knee still ache from the skiing on Monday. See you all next year!! LewBob
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Originally Posted by LewBob View Post
Driving in to work this morning the mountains looked beautiful and the snow looked fresh, so I am thinking of you all with envy today. ...
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I want to be the first to say that Lovelend was GREAT today. I'm sure that pictures, video, and comments will come later, but it was great to be there for the "official" wrap-up on such a gorgeous day.
Off to the hot tub now...
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A-basin 4/13: Vike in the Clouds

Hope you like this one:
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Loveland was amazing today--15 Bears and Family of Bears turned out on a beautiful spring (but quite chilly in the morning!) day. UL and I already peeked at some the pics he shot, and we'll try to post a few later this evening.

Thanks to everyone who came out throughout the LGC III event--you can't meet or ski with nicer, more fun-loving people, and thanks to everyone, especially Katy today, who provided me with tips and so much encouragement on my way up the intermediate ladder!

And Heluva Skier...nice outfit!!
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A-basin 4/13: The Lasters

Here is what was left of the group on the remains of the day (from LtR the unknown PMTS'er, el jefe tio ludovicio, trayc, vincenzo, "The Big Margarita" Don Denver, and Betsy) :
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