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Most of the girls present at the reception and some guy named LewBob

Back row = Mrs Faisasy, Tsavo, SugarCube, BklynTacy, Mrs Pedalbiker(Jo), SugarCube daughter, Giddyup niece(Autumn), Viking Kaj daughter(Amanda), Mrs DonDenver(Betsy)

Front Row = Mrs MadMike(Tiffany), Mrs Giddyup(Annie), KlKaye, Joan Heaton
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BklynTracy, SCSA, Friend of BklynTracy and Ssh departing after lunch
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MadMike, Mrs MadMike and Dookey67 finishing up at Vail
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Giddyup niece, Bong and BklynTracy apres ski at Vail
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Tsavo, Mrs DonDenver and DonDenver
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Giddyup niece, Mrs MadMike, Mrs Giddyup and MadMike
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What goes on in CO stays in CO!

My lips are sealed regarding Friday's activities, but I'm still smiling! Hanging with Jim's ladies sure beat checking out Cgeib's butt.:

It was a great day and I enjoyed skiing and playing with my Epic Friends. Thanks!

I'm still working on getting my photo's to a lower res so I can post them. Cutting cd for UL and Cube now.

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"Tracy's friend" is Vince, owner of Fate, those sweet ski/snowboard clothes he was rocking on the hill between showing some of us up with his clean style and sweet turns!

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Dookey67 and BklynTracy after discussing a certain Colin Ferrel appendage:
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Mrvertial, Dookey67, Mrs Giddyup, Mrs Vertical(Sherri) and Bong going in for dinner
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An EPIC dinner with Jgiddyup, Bong, Mrs Vertical, Mrvertical, Dookey67, Giddyup niece and Mrs Giddyup. A good time had by all.
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Giddyup niece and Bong firing up the dance floor
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Dookey67 holding up the bottom end of the nights favorite beverage.

It was a fun night out with great company and at least one hangover(MINE):
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And lastly I wish I was a blowup chicken:
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Uncle Louie was right...we best get some "action" shots up or folks are gonna think all we did was attend weddings, eat lavishly, and get drunk!

i had 5 days of serious riding tucked in between all the "festivities."

Did Autumn win the snowboard at the dance contest?
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Hey Jim,
How much did you drink? That was a penguin! :

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Thanks for filling in the names Dookey and we'll be in touch about Tahoe next season as it was a blast hanging out with you.


Penguin, Chicken, The oh so elusive Thongbird(or was that Songbird) it didn't really matter at that point
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I have a bunch of Bong's pictures from the 6th that I'm editing. Will post them up later tonight.
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Originally Posted by bong View Post
Hey Jim,
How much did you drink? That was a penguin! :

Hmm, I'm sensing something 'fowl' here! The evening of our actual wedding (3/29), UL and I had dinner at Spencer's in Breckenridge. Sharing the dining room was a group of about 75 men that, like most of us, just dig skiing. The name of this group was "GOOSE" and sure enough, they had their very own mascot about as big as the San Diego Chicken who hugged the bride and shook the groom's hand (wing?). The head of Goose bought us a bottle of wine, led a group toast on our behalf, and we had our picture taken with one of their...ah...inflatable companions too!

We now return you to something that is hopefully more directly related to skiing!
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No sweat Jgid! Had a blast hanging with you all, as well. Wish I was more in the party mode, but skiing a full day, doing a little apres, and i'm pretty much done for these days, especially at altitude (i think i know why UL doesn't drink at alt...1 beer at alt feels like a sixer!)

BTW, anybody is welcome to head out to Tahoe. I can't promise to be as excellent a guide as UL, but I know my way about most of the mountains fairly well (guess i better start boning up on my trail maps as i never take note of run names, i just ski!)
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Someone tell me why LewBob is in the "all girls" pic?????:

Please Bong...keep the moves on the snow: (say...is this the "action shot" UL is looking for?)
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LewBob, who can be pretty slow at times, heard that we were taking a picture of the group on the balcony. Tired of always standing in the back row he decided to sit in front and never realized that it was a "girly" picture. That is his story and he is standing (or sitting) by it. At least he put his pants back on......
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Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post
BklynTracy, SCSA, Friend of BklynTracy and ssh departing after lunch
That's Vince. And he's my friend, too...
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Okay, lots more shots from bong. I couldn't caption every pic since I don't know what was going, so whoever was there, feel free to add your commentary.

Uncle Louie & SugarCube gearing up in the morning:

The whole gang:

BrklynTrayc gets a photoshoot done:

Who's he calling now?

Shooting the shooter, DonDenver:

The lunch crowd:

Mrs. madmike, madmike, BklynTrayc:

The rings:



Look at me now!

The lunch spot:

Mr. & Mrs. Vertical (foreground):

Tsavo, JTolentino, klkaye, Vince:



Bong with jgiddyup niece & Mrs:

The cake:


Arrival of the gimp:

Mrs. faisasy & Jr:


The madmikes:

Rick (Fastman):

jgiddyup & niece:

SCSA & ssh:

Viking cub:


The jgiddyups:

The DonDenvers w/ BklynTrayc:

The faisasys:

The Bear-ettes:
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Don Denver on the roll.
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This is Ingemar (Rob Losch) a Breckenridge Ski School Supv. and friend of mine of 27 years or so. Glad one of the Breck Guys could make it over. Thanks Ingi !
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Kneeling (L to rt) Tsavo, Jtolentino, Mr.Vertical, Mrs. Vertical, ssh, BklynTracy (lying down) Cube's Cub, Justin (Cube's Cub b/f) Cgeib, Joan Heaton, Autum (giddy's neice) Little Tiger.

The rest (L to rt) bong, Mrs. Don Denver, Mrs. Madmike, Madmike, KLKaye, bionic knee$, Ingemar, Don Denver, jgiddyup, SugarCube, SteveSmith7, Vince, Lewbob, Pedalbiker, Dookey 67, Jill (Cube's Sister) Doug (Cube's bro-inlaw) Amanda (Viking's Cub) Fastman, Viking Kaj, Barry (personal friend) UL.
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Holy enamel, Batman!! It was a smilin' kind of day! Faisasy, you totally rock! These pics are terrific, and thanks to all the Bears who have contributed their pictures to the threads. I'm smilin' all over again!
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ingemar is indeed a cool cat!

i had the good fortune to suck off his vapor trails both on Friday @ Vail and then again Monday @ Breck.

real down to earth guy and an extreme pleasure to ride with and chat up on the lift.

i inquired as to whether or not he takes on private lessons and to my dismay he said "No." However...the "No" was buffered with a "But...my wife does and she's a better skier than me!"

i'm trying to remember exactly who all I spent serious slope time with and the memory is serving me thusly:

SCSA - thanks for the bump lessons @ BC (despite your reputation, your serious aces in my book! plus your Beastie Boys--that would be low-n-slow is the tempo--style is dope!)
Cgeib, UL, Viking - thanks for the afternoon slush lessons @ BC
Brkln, Vince, Tsalvo, DonDenver & The Missus, That Crazy Boston Chicka, PetefromOhio, Bong, Jtolentino, Ingemar - nice day in the back bowls @ Vail
LewBob, Sue, Madmike, and a bunch of the formerly listed culprits from both BC and Vail days - sweet day @ Breck on Monday

i know i'm missing some folks, but those are the ones i recall sharing several lift rides with and riding the most slopes with.

if i left you out, it ain't personal, it's just cuz i'm frazzled in the melon!

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To clarify:

This is the result of trying to keep up with Uncle Louie as he takes us on the hidden course through the wilds of Breckenridge. “Follow-Me” has a new meaning after skiing with UL :
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