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Let's Go Colorado III - Page 10

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LGC Loveland 3-31

Bong shows off his boot liner as I quickly jump to safety : :
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a tad breezy !!!

a tad breezy - a bit of an understatement.

Just a quick thank you to you all for a great day. I enjoyed it immensely . Didnt think i would get to ski so much powder . Due to my bad planning I dont think we can make the other days but I hope everyone has a great time.

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Great Pics Don and glad you made it out if only for a day Freefall. It's a great group for sure.

The morning dawns sunny and mild in Vail. Should be a great day in Breckenridge if I ever get there.

I'm sharing a room with 2 women and let's just say their let's get ready in the morning routine takes a tad longer than mine:
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Originally Posted by Freefall123 View Post
a tad breezy - a bit of an understatement.
Yes…I remember you called that a “face peel” coming off chair 4...

One thing for certain Freefall123…for a northern UK chap to fly over the pond and hit the slopes within a couple of days and ski the powder and some conditions above 11000’ as superbly and nimbly as you did...very well done! Cheers.
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tad breezy

thanks donDenver thats a great compliment coming from you. Hope youve managed to get a rest today you were looking a TAD tired ;-)

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1st & Foremost, my Season is now Complete!!
The Grin on my face, due to the last Two days should last till at least this Nov. Thanks everybody for such a Great Time, (and its only day two!)

Sat. at Loveland, had to pay a small price to ski the Pow, but hey, how Cold can the last day of March be?
I also found out where the Lift operator of Chair # 8 lives, & we stop by Costco on the way home & got the largest (48 roll ) package of TP & its got his address on it!
And now some photos......

1) Springtime in the Rockies

2) Bong (Like a Hot knife through butter!)

3) Mrs. Denver
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4) The Master and The Master of Ceremonies U.L. ( You put Class into Skiing, Once again ,Thank You for your efforts!)

5) The Viking

6) Madmike along with Garyskier
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7) Jason ( along with my son got, Massive amounts of Knee Deep Plus Powder over at Chair #8 while the rest of us were Schund away by false Mechanical problems).

8) Jason, Viking Daughter at the bottom of the Best Powder run of the day!

9) Bong & MadMike
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Although a bit on the breezy side it was an amazing day! Talking with the crew at Loveland today, they said we had 100mph winds.

Thank you everyone for allowing us to ski with you! It was great to meet such a great group of people. I am looking forward to Friday.

Sorry the Bunny will be hanging with mom. Mikayla blew out an ear on the helmet cover and is very disapointed. It is proabably from when I fell on her after getting off of lift 8 . Hopefully the Easter Bunny will bring a fresh one for her.

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Nice kick-off, gang!
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Best shot of the Day (Saturday), Somebody get the Cameraman a Milkbone!
Madmike, Garyskier, Viking, Don Denver, U.L. & Martin (Freefall?)
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Today at Breck,
That new High Dollar Gondola @ the Parking lot sure is Nice! Had to Lock the Hubs to get out of the parking lot at the end of the day.

1) Group shot in the AM (Who's the Dork in the foreground?)

2) Another fine day in the Neighborhood! Madmike,Dan,Bong,Jgiddiyup, Lew Bob, U.L., Skier 31 & Garyskier.
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From Left to right

Cub/Sr Mike-SrMike-Amanda(KAJ cub)-SugarCube-FastMan-Little Tiger-Jgiddyup (in back)-Uncle Louie-LewBob-Viking Kaj (in back)-Garyskr-Madmike-Skier31-Dan (friend of Garyskr)-bong-Jasonstingl, and Mr. Vertical (currently horizontal).
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Damn, you guys are reminding me how much fun it was last year! Even if it there's no official Let's Go Colorado IV next year, we gotta do this again!
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Just brightened up the shadows a bit:
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Faisal I'm not kidding when I say I thought you would put an updated version of that pic up when I saw it this morning:

Abasin or bust we're out the door
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High wind warning today for A-basin, supposed to be 40 mph plus.

Look for the flying viking hat...

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holy moly!

is there any more of that pow left?

i'm trying to figure out which sticks to put on the plane (currently going with 94mm King Salmon, but after those pow pix the Spatula is feeling lucky).

such a dilemma when travelling...

out here Cali snow is in full Spring flux...hard in the morning, taters in the afternoon, although yesterday at Alpine Meadows the conditions were variable on every run: crust on dust turning into slush and stick-ums, then lightning fast hero snow, then mucky grabbers, all in one run!

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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
i'm trying to figure out which sticks to put on the plane (currently going with 94mm King Salmon, but after those pow pix the Spatula is feeling lucky).
Maybe this forecast will help you pack? http://www.snowforecast.com/coloradofcst/vail.html
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think i'll stick with the Salmons and if I desire something wider will have to demo.

the forecast has changed a bit since i checked it last week when it had higher chances of rain/snow showers.
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Anybody else in Vail early?

Hi all,

I've been in Vail since Saturday and the way it looks I could use someone to ski with for a day or so until the bears go to BC on Thursday. My girlfriend Jo is with me and figured on skiing but she sprained her ankle at home a week ago and she tried today but couldn't go so..........

I don't think UL has anything else planned until Thursday and if your around and want to ski send me a private message and I'll send along my phone number. Not sure how often I can check back but I'll get back on tonight before i go to bed.

The free wifi in vail is pretty much a gimimick, though why I would expect to get anything for free in Vail is beyond me.

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i must say i am a tad jealous of the fresh y'all just got.

while you were bundled up and enjoying the fluff I was struggling through 'taters (or bangers-n-mash as the TGR Maggots I was valiantly trying to keep up with on this past Saturday called the conditions). not sure if i'll ever get the true hang of the muck-n-guck, but at least I was in good company!

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Fantastic day at Abasin today!!!

Snow was great, temps were mild and although a bit breezy a good time had by all. Started with a couple groomer warmups and then off to east wall which had what I would describe as "cruddy" snow but still fun.

Next was 2 fantastic runs on the west wall which had silky smooth blown in powder of about 3-4 inches on top of firm but forgiving underneath.

Took a water/bathroom break about 11:00 at the new mid-mountain lodge and low and behold Epic's own Jeff Bergeron walked in with a friend. Chatted for a bit and went out and did 3 runs with Jeff and his friend with Jeff offering advice on alignment etc... for anyone who wanted it. Jeff with his racing background can really lay them over and I believe it was Uncle Louie who called them "hip check turns" or something along those lines. Good stuff for sure.

After Lunch it was more westwall followed by runs off of Pallivicinni. A great day to be sure.

Represented today and all excellent skier's in there own right were the Epic dare I say world renowned host and smoothest skier Uncle Louie, Garryskr and friend Dan, Dondenver, Cgieb and friend Pete, Viking Kaj, Lewbob, Mrvertical, Jeff Bergeron and friend, Jason and jgiddyup.

I took my camera to the mountain but forgot the memory card, so I used a film camera and will post the pics from today at a later date. I'll post pics from yesterday at Breck later this evening.

Faisal's protege's Mrvertical and Dondenver took plenty of pics today and I'm sure they will post soon.

Many thanks to Uncle Louie for a tremendous gathering and a sincere thank you to the wonderful folks I hadn't met before this trip. Much more to follow.
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One from yesterday at Breck with Garyskr and Mrvertical obviously looking the WRONG way
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Stand by, were getting ready to up-load some goodies!

Heli Skiing @ the Basin, Does it get any Better then this?
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The heli was there last week as well. We were guessing they were taking the concrete for the lift tower bases on the new lift. Amazing how quiet it was.

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1) View at the base of the Basin, Cool & Overcast today, an Atkins Diet day, No Corn! Some flat light & wind. Fine fast day,with plenty of soft snow to be found!

2) Group @ the Black Mt. Grill
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3) Lewbob cutting the line on the West wall!

4) Don Denver flexing the B3s

5) Dan (friend of Garyskier) letting us know just because he's a Lawyer, doesn't mean hes a Bad Guy!
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6) Mr & Mrs Jgiddyup and niece Autumn

7) Jason (1st year skier) Tackiling the Double Blacks off Pali!

8) Viking Kaj & the Horns of plenty!
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Stay tuned, the Mid Day Action Shots, will be sent out to the Faisal editing department! Anybody can point & shot, but it takes a pro to make it look good! If all works out, Tuesday should show the results!

un-edited shot of the day, U.L. & Cgeib making it look EZ!
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