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MA on Skier

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Go ahead make my day.
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You could get more equal edging if you stood more forward so your butt wasn't hanging over your heels.

What sort of wax do you use for those leaves?
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Need some paper?
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a little bit of A-framing there too.
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The root cause of all his problems is he is on the wrong beer.
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Originally Posted by ant View Post
The root cause of all his problems is he is on the wrong beer.
This is where a true professional sees with clarity goes right to the cause, bypassing the symptom. Aussies can do that.
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Finally and MA I can get in on . Oviously any instructor over 21yrs of age can immediately recognize you are on the wrong beer. Can I recommend Amstel Light, you will almost immediately lose weight and float like a feather down the knarliest of runs in the Hemisphere.
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Everyone knows that Pabst is the beer of skiers. Their history in skiing is well documented.

For taste,(both fashion and digestive) I'd like to see a Guiness sweatshirt on the ski god depicted in the photo.
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