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First Run Focus...

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Last weekend was my first day back on skis. I was able to focus on skeletal balance, (pull your feet back) I skied both day's, I had not worked out this fall. I was amazed that come Monday, I was not in much discomfort at all, my legs felt pretty good.

There are a lot more benefit's to good technique then I had thought.
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First Run Focus...

I have just finished attending the PSIA-RM Fall Training for Advanced Educators at Breckenridge. Just so you don't feel too bad, the snow was great, but there were only 3 trails open... And the typical Breckenridge Breeze was blowing a gentle 30+mph..

On Tuesday morning, we were tasked to go through various evaluation stations, to have specific manuevers checked out.

On my very first run of the season, I was cruising down Bonanza, not really focusing on anything except not falling... I was about half way down when Weems came running (no skis on) from the side of the trail, waving his arms. I pulled up to a stop to see what he wanted.

"Ric, those turns had all the components, but on your next run, try it with your feet a little wider...".

I was extremely confused for several reasons. 1)- I hadn't really begun to focus in on any specific task yet 2)- I wasn't even aware I was skiing past a testing station, 3)- I didn't know what manuever Weems was evaluating, 4)- I couldn't even tell you what kind of turn I was making at the time.
So for the next several runs, I took care to avoid skiing that particular trail.

It's difficult for me to have a hard focus during the first few days back on snow each season. I prefer to just enjoy the sensations, to reaquaint myself with my feet, feel the wind, and just let the exhilaration run wild!

But it all came back quickly, and yes, I did get my feet further apart... (just for Weems!)

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable season!

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If Weems would have been watching me he would have been laughing too hard to wave his arms, much less run up to the trail!
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I'd be more concerned with the Lurking Weems' that populate the trees, Ric.
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Yep... I get so fretful about my first day back on snow I almost make myself ill.... I am always quite convinced I will have completely forgotten how to ski ...
In the earlier years this was true to some extent - as I would forget how to make certain movements..

This year was a new one - NO LESSON for my first day....
Started out with a few hints from Man from Oz on what I needed to think about...
My instructor had a lesson out on the bunny hill (the only thing open)... he just kept nodding at me ... eventually we crossed paths & he gave me a tip & told me to keep going...

Thanks (again) to Man from Oz - grand effort because I am a little tricky to teach even if you can see me & by remote it must have been very tricky to work out how to deal with my panic state...

Also thanks to Ant who provides moral support when I am sure I can't ski...
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I have stumbled on the strategy to be used by The Fox Hat for his first run focus! It's ....

.... for once, to see one of something .... [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by vail snopro / ric reiter:
..."Ric, ..... on your next run, try it with your feet a little wider...".
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On my first day (this past Friday at Keystone) I kept trying to remember everything that Ric was telling me back in April and what Jeff Bergeron and Willy Draper were trying to get me to do at the "arcing camp" at A-Basin in May. I am not sure if I was able to do any of those things (although I think they are finally sinking in), but one thing is for sure- I hurt like hell on Saturday and Sunday!! It was, without question, my reward for a summer of nearly no climbing and an autumn of rarely getting to the gym. Today at Breck was much better- I can even still walk down the stairs tonight!
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Now I'm probably going to be thinking about that this week and fall flat on my face. Probably right in front of Mike Iman!

I'll just have to tell him it's Ric's fault! [img]tongue.gif[/img] :
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Well, my first run of the season (on outdoor snow) will be in Alta (I suspect) on 25th January, i.e. the day before the academy.

But that's only 61 days away!

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The first day is always a fun and epic day
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my first day out was a week ago Monday (I posted about it... it was awesome!).

I noticed 2 big things - I caught about as many edges as one can!! I didn't fall once, though - I have been doing a ton of exercise (balance and core strength) and I realized that everytime I caught an edge, I just picked the foot up and then continued on again.

I also employed Nolo's famous technique. When I felt things getting sloppy - I stopped and took a DEEP BREATH and regained a peaceful focus. It was great.

Personally, I think it helps to be out there with others... to distract you from beating up on yourself!

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