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Gear you have been just "lucky" with?

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Boots for me. From the Flexon to the Krypton, I have been just lucky. With my thermoflex/Intuition liners, i can just get in these asd ski. I mold the liners, no fuss, no muss. I hear and read of these horror stories that people have with boots, I really consider myself lucky not to have to go through that. I have had the chance to go to other makes, but I have stayed where my feet were at home.

Jacket, I have this K2 snowbard jacket that is just great, I have had it for 4-5s seasons now and I have yet to find a jacket I like better,, and you know me...I like to buy.

What have you been lucky with?
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When I was in HS, I bought a pair of Tomic poles for $1.97. I skied with those poles for close to 20 years. No bends. They were ug-ly by the end of their life. Movers broke them coming back from Europe.
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Until recently I've been more "unlucky" than "lucky" with equipment.

Researching this forum and the Realskiers.com website has taken 90% of the guess-work out of ski purchasing and saved me $thousands$.

I enjoy owner a quiver knowing I can buy better and resell correctly.

In response to the question, I have had perfect luck with all the Fischer models I own. Starting with the Scenio S500 through the RX8 the skis are really great for the type of skiing I enjoy.


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Volkl Vertigo G3's!
I was clueless when I bought my first shaped ski. Someone talked me into the Vertigo G3 and I was all grins.

Imagine if, in my stupidity, I'd been talked into something horendous.:

Here I am, a few years down the road. Sold my Vertigos to a girl friend for her kid(who still loves them). My quiver is full of skis that I researched and bought with far more knowledge. Sooooooo happy! Sooooooo Lucky!
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my b5's were great from the get go
Phil, i want your feet
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Originally Posted by skidbump View Post
Phil, i want your feet
Sorry, they are being used right now with the time being split pretty much 50/50 bettween the left and the right.
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Salomon x Wave 10.0 boots my frist real boot and luckly they have been good for 3 seasons now. Fit my foot right out of th box.

Helly Hanson Typoon insulated jacket bought as impluse buy a 3 year ago has last since then.

Burton Goretex glove snowboard stuff rocks been great except for some very nasty thing said to me by a MRG local.He actually told me to take them off in the lodge. fing old fart.
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My Scott strapless poles. I got them as a Christmas present many years ago, and they still work great.

My SG skis (see below); if they weren't so lucky I would be dead or crippled by now considering some of the stupid runs I've made with them.

My Farwest jacket. I've only read derogatory things about it on the web, and it's the only "ski" jacket I've ever bought, but it's kept me dry in pouring rain, fits well and moves with me, and though it's not the warmest jacket out there, it's good enough down to about 10F. Below that I just add a down vest.
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I've definitely been lucky with boots; Lange seems to be tailored for me right out of the box. I really only use a pair of footbeds because they releive foot and back pain that comes with standing for 8 straight hours.
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My Tecnica Vento 10s have been practically perfect out of the box. Love em. Good lateral stiffness, comfortable, cushioned enough for landing my "air attempts"!
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
Salomon x Wave 10.0 boots my frist real boot and luckly they have been good for 3 seasons now. Fit my foot right out of th box.
Very similar experience here. Salomon X Wave 9's for four seasons now. Great boots that fit out of the box bought at a "big box" store no less. Got 'em cheap, too. This after a frustrating search at the few shops in my area with less than impressive selections and service.
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My 1st pair of skis: Rossi Salto's. I put more days on these than any other gear that I've owned. I was lucky enough to take up skiing just when short shaped skis had phased out long straight skis. These were the skis I went from snow plowing on to doing my 1st carved turns. Loved them to death. I think I even had a tear in my eye when I finally sold them & upgraded to the Xscreams.
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Elan S12 Fusion-bought year-end clearance price from Cupolo (No, let's not start that again). Bought them without ever trying them on the strength of many reviews. I have loved them. This will be my third season on them.

Boots: Agggg, not so lucky, very different from Phil. There is no boot made that fits me off the shelf. I have been lucky to find a GREAT bootfitter fairly close by and I ski today only thanks to him. His name is Dan Lewis at Stan and Dan Sports in North Conway, NH. He is fanrastic and if you live in northern New England and have trouble with boots, you owe yourself a trip to North Conway.
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Nordica boots since the mid 90s when they widened the front of the last on the Grand Prix series. The Beast series and Speedmachine series appear to have the same last. I buy them, swap out the footbed to a good, self-molding footbed and don't have any problems with cold feet or pain.

The other thing I've had luck with is the original Rossi Axial/Look Pivot bindings. I ski lots of chunky crud & cruddy moguls which really tests the retention of a binding. I have all my Rossis & Looks set low & still can't remember a time I blew out of a binding when I shouldn't have. I can't say that about my Sollie 912s set at the recommended DIN (though it hasn't happened often) and especially about my Marker bindings which are often set a DIN higher.
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Sold my Vertigos to a girl friend for her kid
I had to do a double-take when I first read this -- at first it sounded like you got the kid and your girlfriend got your Vertigos.
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Originally Posted by KevinF View Post
I had to do a double-take when I first read this -- at first it sounded like you got the kid and your girlfriend got your Vertigos.
No trade! Just sold some skis to a friend. Although, He's the kind of kid I wouldn't mind having around.
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27 years ago when I was a starving patrolman in Montana I bought a pair of Authier GS skis for 1/2 price at an end of the year sale in Bozeman. I knew nothing about the brand but the salesman told me they were "Swiss Rossignals." Anyway, they had a perfect even tip to tail ("big smile") flex that forever change my skiing and I have never bought a pair of skis with stiff tails since. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than knowledgeable.
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odyssey skis.

took a chance on some no-advertising skis made by a guy in washington state and even after a thorough thrashing, they're still the skis i'm on almost all the time. they've been so good to and for me that i'm finally going to give them a tune this year.

they'll also be the skis i schlep when i start doing some hiking for turns.

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Skis: Volkl P30RC (the second shaped ski I tried after I couldn't -stand- the Big Max)
Boots: Tecnica TC3 w. Thermoflex 'Santa Claus' liners and Booster strap. Purchased at a swap for $50, thermoflexed on a whim and retired last season after 11 seasons of warm, cush, service.
Goggles: Carrera Cup. Replacement lenses still available, fit just about any helmet, even a plastic nose clip-on nose shield available in the day.
Midlayer: Patagonia R2.
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Bought a pair of Volkl P9's (207's) back in the early 90's when you didn't see a lot of Volkls...not nearly like today. Didn't demo and had never skied a Volkl before but had a freind who was a rep who sold his one year old pair to me for I think 150 (he got the new model every year) They were stiff as hell and took some getting used to but once I dialed them in absolutely loved them. Have been on Volkl's ever since (except for 2 years on Atomic SX 11's)
Gone from P9 to P20 to P40 and now on last years Allstars.
Some luck involved due to no demo...could have hated them as Volkls don't suit everyones taste.
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This thread is worth a bump during the summer!

I have to say, I was really fortunate with my Karma's also
Bought them without demoing, and they turned into one of my favourite skis for a One ski in the car kind of day!
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Well as long as we're bumping, the luck ran out on the Scotts; I broke my wrist this year. Maybe I should replace those 490s on the SGs.
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A few years ago at Copper one of my poles snapped in mid-turn. I skied down to the Christy Sports and found that their selection of poles was sparce. I ended up with a pair of Leki composite jobs with the yellow clip in hand grip. I was skeptical at first but now they're like my contact lenses.... I would just hate having to switch back. Every year I tell myself I'm gonna buy an extra pair or two in case they stop making them.

As for skis, every pair that I've loved...K2-4, the first X-Screams, Pocket Rockets, Chubbs and Machete FBs I've bought before I skied them. Every pair I've purchased as a result of demoing I ended up not skiing much: I hope this holds true as I have two unmounted pair right now that I never demoed:
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Scarpa Tornados (boots) bought from Telemarkpyrenees, having never even seen a pair. Best fit I ever had.

Dynamic Mystic on ebay:

“the Dynamic Mystic, made by Atomic with the cut of an R10 or R11, and the flex of the R10” Apparently they felt the brand name might still sell and Atomic had the manufacturing ability. I bought them for $160. After flexing them I thought they would be a wimpy recreational ski, but once I skied on them, they were about all I used. They turned easier than the GS skis, with nearly the same grip and better stability. They didn’t suck in powder. They worked for all the two footed carving I was practicing on the slalom skis.

The next year I spent a month in Europe, and they were the only ski I brought. I skied powder in Val Thrones, ice in Pra Loup, skied the Sella Ronda through six towns in day. I skied five WC DH courses and hit 100kph on the little speed trap they have on the Lauberhorn. I got credentials to the WC finals and got to try them on injected ice.

I only saw two pairs of Mystics in Europe, one a fat old German beginner, and a pair of 100 cm used by a six year old.
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