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Head boots?

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I'd like to know if anyone has info on Head's boot lineup. I've read some stuff here about the Edge line being "Intermediate" compared to the S line, but on Head's website the Edge 10.7 is listed for experts and the S8 for "Very good skiers"

Is the Edge 10.7 a decent boot or should I only be looking at the S line?

What gives?
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For the 06/07 Lineup, the target groups are as follows:

WC RS110
WC RS 90
Mojo Heatfit
Womens S11

WC RS70 (Junior)
Dream Thang 10
Dream Thang 9
Womens S9

WC RS50 (Junior)
Dream Thang 8
Edge 10.8
Edge 9.8
Womens Edge 9.8

Mojo50 (Junior)
Edge 8.8
Womens Edge 8.8
Edge 7.8
Womens Edge 7.8
Ezon 2_9.5
Ezon 2_8.5
Carve X4 (Junior)
Carve X3 (Junior)

Ezon 2_7
Carve X2 (Junior)
Carve X1 (Junior)
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Recent Head boots are fairly wide. I found the RS90 (supposedly to advanced-expert boot) to fit even wider than Nordica Beasts. Just a heads-up.
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Heads boot line up (as with most companys) can be broken down into three catagories with multiple 'levels' in each catagory so there is crossover.

Comfort= recreational boxy fit, fluffy liner, simple, cheap, designed for someone who will never ski more than 10 days a year and won't pack out the boot. Head EZON line.

Comfort/Performance= more anatomical fit than comfort boot, denser liner that won't pack out as quick as fluffy liner. These are usually feature packed boots. Think walk/ski, flex adjustment, etc. Tese lines usually range from lower int. to advanced/ expert. Head Edge series.

High Performance/Race= Very dense thin liner, less features than comfort/Performance. There shouldn't be anything goofy like a 'walk' mode. Should have micro adjust metal buckles and maybe cuff alignment and nothing else. Fit is everything the liner isn't used to make a boot comfy in the store. Head S series and RD/RS.
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I appreciate the info. I thought that there was an overlap between the different lines, but I've seen a lot of people just categorize one line as being better than another. Whiteroom's post makes sense... I guess the lines are separated mostly for marketing/demographic reasons and aren't as clear cut as some might think.

veeeight, I don't see the S8 or Edge 10.7 on your list. Are you saying they're dumping them for '07 but haven't updated their website yet? Or are they just going to rename the S8 to S9, etc.?
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The website is still showing 05.06, the models I've given you above are 06.07.
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