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Help Needed with Arcteryx

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I'm shopping for a new shell jacket this year and many friends have recommended Arteryx. I do like the quality but the cut of their stuff seems a bit odd. The Medium looks small on me even though their sizing guide says it should fit...makes me look like a little kid. The Large looks better but is a bit loose in the sleeves and shoulders.

Are their jackets s'posed to have that trim "fitted" look that Arcteryx is known for? Maybe I should just get the looser fitting Large and be done with it. Any advice?

I'm 5' 10" and 150 lbs. 30" waist.

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IMHO you should shop the fit and features, not the brand. if it doesn't work for you, try Patagonia or Cloudveil.
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I have a similar problem with both pants and jackets - I'm decidedly between a medium and a large with both (fwiw - 6'/170, long legs & arms)

I've found that all manufactures stuff varies between models - I've tried on acrteryx javelin ,gamma mx, sidewinder and a few others I can't recall and I don't think any 2 fit the same - same with patagonia. With some models the mediums are great, with others the larges fit and with others neither fits right. I tried on a clouveil jacket last week that fit in the arms and shoulders but was rediculously blousy around the middle with the most rediculous looking torso length that ended way above my waist (and I have a short torso).

So in summary keep trying things on, you'll find something you like that fits.

Which arcteryx jacket did you try and where exactly was it too small...maybe I can steer you towards another model that may fit.
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I'm a large in spyder and TNF, and my large Arcteryx Alpha SV fits great. It is waaaaaaaaaaay better designed than the TNF large, and fits better in all the right places, but the size is the same in both brands.
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It really depends on the model of the Arcteryx you're looking at. Some models fit snugger & other fit looser. For example the Sidewinder SV has a more relaxed looser fit than the Sidewinder AR. The fit you want will also depend upon how much you normally layer underneath. It would be worthwhile to bring all the layers that you would normally wear to the shop, then try on the diff sizes to see how it all fits together.

You should also ask the shop about their return policy incase you're not happy with the fit. As with most things, you just never know how it's going to work out till you actually use it. Some places like Backcountry.com have a fairly liberal return policy, so if you use the jacket for a few days & decide the fit is not quite right, you can easily return/exchange.
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Good point. My alpha sv is made for layering, so it has room underneath without being loose. It's hard to understand unless you try it on, I guess.
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Originally Posted by X-EastCoaster View Post
Which arcteryx jacket did you try and where exactly was it too small...maybe I can steer you towards another model that may fit.
hi, i've tried the sidewinder AR, the stingray, the gamma mx and possibly others i've forgotten already. of these jackets, the sidewinder AR (in a medium) fit me the best. the others were too small in a medium and too big in a large. most of the arcteryx fleeces seem to be the same way (don't fit me too well).

i would get the sidewinder AR but the problem is i'm just not crazy about the colors they're offering this year...too drab for my taste. the sidewinder SV is a bit more colorful but i just read wizard's comment that these two jackets fit differently? i haven't seen the sidewinder SV in a a store to try.

are there any other arcteryx jackets that fit like the sidewinder AR? i especially like this jacket's length...just a bit below the hips. many other shells these days are cut really short, which really limits what you can wear underneath.

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I've tried the Sidewinder AR & SV. The length of the jacket is more or less the same. I like the hood & collar fit better on the SV. The AR's hide-away hood tends to make the collar bulky with it's rolled up. I like to wear a neck gaitor for cold days & there isnt a lotta room for it with the AR. The SV is a bit more roomy esp when wear extra layers underneath. The AR had a slightly snugger fit but still lots of room for layering. The SV has slightly heavier goretex than the AR as well. Price wise the AR was a bit cheaper, but if you're spending that kinda $$ on a jacket, it better be perfect.
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Sounds like you need a medium in the more full cut models. If you can find a Javelin (both hard and soft shells) I think the medium might fit similar to the sidewinder. Also, the patagonia primo and super pluma 2 jackets would prolly fit in a medium but the arms might be a tad long (both 2-layer xcr - primo is warmer with it's thick mesh liner, pluma is just the thin shell - both nice jackets).

Keep trying stuff on, you'll find something.
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