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Ski Rental question

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I ski 5 days a year on the annual family ski vacation. Each of the past 4 years I have always rented the cheapest skis(most call the sport package). I am comfortable on most blue runs. Not really sure how to ask this but should I move up to the middle of the road rental? will i be able to tell a difference? Will they help me improve? Are they worth the additional money? Just looking for some general thoughts on the subject.
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vn, My first suggestion would be to say that lessons would help you improve more than equipment, but it depends on where you go, and the quality of equipment available.
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There's only one way to find out.
I suggest you pay 15 bucks extra on the second day, and then you'll know.
I also second the Lessons.
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You could consider renting your skis from a ski shop and not the on hill ,in house provider. They seem to give more attention to the tuning of those skis. i think that is much more important than the particulars of which ski. Also the boots mght be of better quality.
The prices could be prohibitive. Some have continuous days plans or weekly rentals.
Early in your next trip sign up for a series of lessons. Say a series of three with day in between to work on and play with what you have learned. I would bet you won't regret it.
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And think about buying and fitting your own pair of boots.
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