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Ross W.c. 9x Demos

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I've Purchased 2 Pairs Of Demos In The Last Two Years.both 181cm-first Pair Dynastar Intuitiv 69c, Other Pair Is Ross World Cup 9x W/ 21m Radius (gs).the 9x Being Demos I Realize They Are Of The Shelf And Definitely Not Race Stock.i' Skiied The Dyn And Liked Them For The Area I Was Skiing-the 9x I'm Druelling To Ski But Can't 'til Snow Flies.out Of Curiousity I Was Comparing The Flex By Holding The Ski W/ My Left Hand At The Binding Area And Pulling The Tip Toward Me(like We All Have Done) To My Great Surprise The 9x Flexed Much Easier And Seemed Much "softer" Than The Intermediate Level Dynastars! Shouldn't The Reverse Be True?did I Buy An Off The Shelf Lemon-they Were $180 W/ Demo Bindings At Evogear .please Enlighten Me!
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Race skis can be soft and intermediate skis can be stiff, it all depends on what the designer had in mind. Your Rossis are probably good skis, if they have a sandwich construction and a 21m radius they are race stock (but certainly not "world cup). The Rossis tend to pull into the turn nicely, you will probably like them.
Have fun.
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