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Opinions on Salomon Siam 10?

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Hi all,

Here's the deal: I'm looking to buy new skis this year (yay!). I'm an ex-racer, female, 26 years old, 5'6" and 140 pounds. I like to go fast and carve some sweet GS turns on the groomers, but also want a ski that can go off-piste (b/c, unfortch, my crew of ex-racers has dwindled and all my current ski-buddies like to do is go out back. which is cool.) basically I want a ski that can do it all...but I'd be really disappointed if it wimped out on the carving/edging.

my problem is that i've missed the past few winter seasons for various reasons. My last pair of skis that I owned were some Volkl P60 (c.2003) GS skis...which i LOVED. But they were stolen off the rack (bad karma on someone!). they were race stock and around 160cm.

I skied a bit last year, but didn't have any skis/money to go as much as I'd have liked. I demo'd a couple pairs of Volkls (the AC3 and 724...loved them both) and some Atomics (B5's, I think...wasn't a fan but they were too short for me).

So this year, I"m looking to buy some of last years stock (demo'd or otherwise)...but I won't have a chance to try anything out as I hope to buy before the snow comes! It appears that skis in the 160cm-range are limited, but so far, I've found:

1) Head IM 77 (163cm, no chip)...I've heard good things about these skis, but haven't skied heads since about 1992. This pair is a bit above my planned budget.

2) Salomon Siam 10 (158 or 166cm)...I haven't really heard ANYTHING about this ski, and can't seem to find any decent reviews. I'm a bit leery of women's skis, as I'm an agressive skier and want something that can keep up to some strong, snappy, high speed turns. They've never been skied and are at a good price (i.e. one that won't break my budget!)

I'm heading up to Whistler tomorrow to check out the shops there (currently just been harrassing stores in Vancouver), so will hopefully have some more options, but I hope to buy this week! If anyone can give any opinions on their personal experience with the Siam, or the general reputation of these skis, please let me know! Opinions on the IM77 also appreciated

Thanks very much!
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I'm no expert but it seems to me if you're an ex-racer who wants pretty serious edging capabilities, then you should steer away from womens-specific skis.
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I'd say women's specific skis, such as the upper end volkls would be okay, but don't purchase from the Siam line. I was not happy with their performance, especially at speed - they are not stiff enough for an aggressive skier in any way. I would think the women's specific Nordica Olympia Victory might be a good choice for an ex-racer. I am sure more suggestions are on the way....
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thanks for the advice. i'm definately wary of women's skis, as i know they have a reputation for being soft and wimpy, but i've never actually tried any for myself.

The guys in the ski shop claim that the Siam 10 is different from all the other women's lines, in that it is much stiffer and more agressive. They, of course, are biased. (aside from never having tried the ski themselves.) I realize this, but the price is so attractive that I thought I should look into them some more!
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It is my business to test all the women's skis that I buy (I'm a retailer) I also have a valued co-worker that I ski with regularly who is 5-9" 155 lb 25 y/o and an ex-college athlete. (This girl blasts the groomers) Her personal skis are Nordica Modifeds in a 162.

There is also no reason to ignore Unisex skis. In general they will require a little more agressive pressure than a women's specific model. This would probably not be an issue for you.

But!!.....among women's skis.

Neither of us would classify the Siam 10 as wimpy. Other women's specific skis that are not wimpy include the Fischer Vision 76, Volkl Attiva AC-3 and the Nordica Oly Victory.

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