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Sort of a ski movie

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Its all clear now
after watching reloaded I realize that Epic is the matrix, its moderators are agents and that it is planning to enslave the skiing race through its quest to make sure that we all ski with perfect technique as taught by certified PSIA instructors. I have never been as frightened in my whole life as I am now. I must free my mind/heel and head back down the rabbit hole, back to zion and freedom...................
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this troll lacks wit and originality
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I think he has some wit, maybe 1/2.
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C'mon guys, its not that bad a troll.

Resinball - You're profiles says you don't want us to know where your stashes are. After reading this I've concluded you're not talking about powder (powder snow that is).
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My dog has more creative bowel movements. Then again if you knew my dog ...
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I'd say Epic is more like Bushwood. Pesky is obviously Ty, there's a few Judge Shmale's, Spaldings, and Dr Beepers, and a slight overdose of Al Cerviks and Carl Spacklers. But most of us are just trying to be the ball.

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Be the ball..............

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