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Help for an Aussie

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I'm 60 reasonably ok intermediate - been on all steeps in most of USA & Ok with black dia but almost all on-piste. 5'9" 165lbs, fit. Want to get off-piste a lot more. Have 157 Dynastar 64's which I like but think they won't suit off track. What can you tell me of Atomic Metrons and what are the various models? See B5 & 11B5. Want good edges for the steep groomers.
Also looking for a good instructor/companion for Feb Park City/Deer Valley, Crested Butte.
Any help gratefuuly accepted.
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Aussie, How was the winter snow this year. Skied/raced at the Austral-Asian games in 98 (police and fire). Raced at Perisher. Had a great time, stayed in your country for 6 week. Treated great will always remember fondly.

Skis, I'm 5'11 192lbs 60yr+ I have 4 pairs of skis. Skied on Atomic Metron B5 162cm as my #1 ski for last 2 years. The reason I got them is that where I ski and teach there is a real abundance of off piste areas and good powder. I found the B5 to be good in all conditiions. Good short and med radius turner, great in the moguls, great in bad snow, good in powder and a responsive fun ski for all conditions. About the only thing I don't like with the B5's is 1)going fast in a straight line 2) fast super g type turns. They want to turn which is great for most applications. To solve the high speed cruising problem I bought some Fischer RX9's and love them for high speed fun on groomers.

I'm sure you'll get a lot of ski commments but since you asked about this specific ski I though I'd ad my 2 cents worth. Have a great visit!
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thanks - did not stay here as a lousy year - went to Chile which is better but needs more lifts.
Have only had one reply so hopefully will get more - don't know a lot about gear so input is a good start.
Keep well
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