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I wish I were skiing...
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I thought you lot were currently engaged in stealing our latest snow???
It's certainly not here, so you lot must have nicked it, unless it floated off to Timor.
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We don't need to resort to stealing thanks!
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Originally posted by Karsten Hain:
I wish I were skiing...
Sigh, me too...
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We've got snow down here, not enough to get excited about yet though.
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since I just graduated and all (3.65, N.H.S. [img]smile.gif[/img] ), I should just take all of my open house ca$h and drive to mt. Hood out west. What's a thousand dollars in the grand scheme of things, especially with bright blue atomics just leaning against the corner in my bedroom...
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Coronet Peak (NZ) opened at the weekend and I was visiting Wanaka only an hour away so just had to go. No natural stuff, just man made snow on one run, top to bottom - it was enough to have fun with my niece and remind me just how much i love the sport. It was so cool just to get the skis back on, just glad I had a seasons pass and did not have to pay money to ski on it. I did take a photo but if post it, it might put some of you off coming to NZ to ski, definitiely not a PR shot. Hutt also opened, I think they had much better conditions. TC is still looking very barren.

So how many days have I skied in 2002 - one! And I have one large bruise to show for it. Too busy looking at the scenery while on the easy bit at the bottom, and over I went. Lesson number one for the season - don't check out the local talent unless you are standing still. Being flat on your face in the snow does not impress the guys.
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Ski it 'till it's gone, then raft it.
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D'oh! I hate it when that happens. Yes planning my next 2 months so I can get across there. All being well for the next 8 weeks I expect to spend 4 of them on the snow. Whoohoo, bring it on [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Congratulations on graduating!! :

Try to resist the urge to blow that money on a few days of spring skiing and blow it in a huge blitz in Utah and Jackson Hole this winter??
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At the moment I am building not skiing. I look it as building to ski. The cheques roll in and the body stays tight. July\August will be here soon and a few turns will be made Ozside. Then a few months and back to some Stateside majestic mountains.

Smile and be patient what comes, comes.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Our season officially starts this weekend, and the resorts are blowing snow on what fell the other week, and a promising looking system arrives right on schedule late Thursday.

The snow cams look excellent, actually.
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ant, Looks like it's you turn to tell us about how good it is. We have over 100" of base but they have closed the resorts. Except Timberline. Post some pictures please. We still have 6 months before ski season again. :
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We have a very good snow cams page at
www.ski.com.au and I'll post links when they look especially good! The trouble with posting links ot individual snowcams is, when you guys are online, it's often nighttime here so the picture is kind of uninspiring. They group all the cams on a couple of pages so you can see the lot at a glance, which is handy.

really warm today! The front is coming.
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I notice PB has free skiing for 3 days. Not worth a drive down from Sydney for what is open there.
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