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Heay bears!! So im kinda new to the ski seen and could use some help. I just bought a pair of armada AR5 twin tip skies and need bindings and boots. Since I am new to all of this I have no clue what to look for in bindings. Any one have any sugestion or info on what I should look for?
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Look PX 12 Bindings always a good choice.
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Originally Posted by slider View Post
Look PX 12 Bindings always a good choice.
No way - useless design, terrible shape, I mean, go for something totally different like the Rossi Axial 2 120...

(they are the same binding, for those who don't know)
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You're both completely wrong, these ones are by far the best, the flames on the side prove it.

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Do not listen to those clueless people.
The red model will make you faster, and will increase dramaticaly your sex appeal.
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That red model looks nice.

I agree, it's clearly a superior binding.
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Those Yahoo's. If you really want the best these will make you famous.
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With the ’07 Axial 2 140 TI Pro/WB you do get Red Flames which is significantly superior to blue flames as well as the red model with great “sex appeal”.

However, even Red Flames cannot compete with RED THRUSTERS. If money is no object, go with the blast-off model.
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