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What length Apache Recon?

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I am an advanced skier. 5'7" 185 lbs. I will be purchasing a pair of 2007 K2 Apache Recons. The salesman is advising the 160 cm length. I am worried that I am too heavy for that length. I am looking for a ski which will increase my skiing pleasure when off piste. Any advice?
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Find another salesman. At your weight you want at the very least the 174CM and maybe even the 181CM skis. I'm 160 lbs and demo'd the 174 CM Recon at Steamboat. They were great in the bumps, trees and the chutes but they were just so-so on the groomers and in the cut up pow. Would definitely have preferred the 181CM for my style of skiing.
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160???? My God, that would be way too short. I'm 6'2", 170 soaking wet, and I ski the Recon in a 174cm length. I tend to keep the speed down when I'm off-piste, so if you're more a speed demon, I'd go longer. I certainly wouldn't go any shorter then 174.
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I bought last years model, and went with a 174. I probably could have gone 167, but I love to ski fast and bomb groomers, and wanted a little more stability. I am 5'9 175, advanced, and love the ski. I would say 167, but I am no expert on fitting. That being said - love the ski for everything I went on last year. Hard pack, steeps, powder, LOVED it in broken and older deep snow and crud. I hope this helps!

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KevinF and skidaddyT

Thanks for your imput! I can ski fast but don't very much any more.
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Thanks for the imput Toadman. I didn't see your reply at first.
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I agree, way too short for you. I ski the recon in 160, but I'm only 120#. And I almost wish I'd upsized for off piste where these skis go, athough near the lifts / groomers they are perfect.
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170-174 would be my guess.
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Well, I didn't want to go down to 167 and was kicking and screaming about it, but the rep made me try it. At the time I was 5'8", 155 pounds. I was convinced by the demo and was glad he was so firm about it. But I wouldn't go shorter than that. It is amazingly stable for such a short ski. (I was skiing 185's at the time, so you can imagine my reluctance.)
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Yes, I've been skiing on 185 Volant SuperKarves. I probably will go with the 167s.
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