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Rust on Edges

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Bears -

Having not looked at my skis since March, I recently noticed some rust building up on the edges. Any good at-home remedies to recommend?

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Flat file and tune.
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a little grease will keep them nice during the off season. Just clean it off before you hit the snow.
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I coat mine with petroleum jelly before I store them for the summer. This seems to keep the rust away. Just be sure you wipe it all off before you use 'em.
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Heels, basically don't panic about it, but next year, a bit of wax on them, or grease, will help keep them rust-free.
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First things first. You gotta get the rust off. Fine steel wool pads work great. Make sure you clean the bases thoroughly afterwards. Try to keep your skis in a drier climate. Don't keep them in a humid garage or basement.
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Gummi stone works too. Do a search there is at least 2 threads on this from last year with more info.
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cool. i was wondering about that, as well. My Karma's rusted up a bit. My Mantras and AK's didn't.

i try to wipe my skis down after every use and before storing them away for extended periods, but rust is a tricky little imp.
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also toko make some stuff in a kind of pen....

you can apply to edges to protect from rust....

I may be wrong but I thought with vaseline (petroleum jelly = white soft paraffin) there was an issue with the bases - so you have to ensure not to get on bases...which is a pain...
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Rust means nothing. Sharpen and ski!
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Wiping the edges with Zardoz Notwax does an excellent job of preventing rust.

Avoid oil based substances on the edges as if it gets into the base it'll clog the pores & prevent wax absortion.
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I do nothing about some rust as a few minutes of skiing takes care of the problem.
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Storage wax (hydrocarbon/paraffin) before storage should prevent this and keep the bases from drying out. The steel wool and side and base edge filing will remove the rust layer.
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Originally Posted by JHrefugee View Post
I do nothing about some rust as a few minutes of skiing takes care of the problem.
What he said for a light coating of rust.

Magic marker or wax (even candle wax) applied to the edges works well as rust preventer. I avoid using stuff like vaseline
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