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heads up

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interesting post on craiglist by a shop (in ohio) offering a lot of skis, some at decent prices; "willing to ship" and "can also work on price":


i have no clue who the seller is but thought bears could be interested. caveat emptor.
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I'm not impressed at all with the prices. They have RPM 100s for $399.99. That is a ski from 2 seasons ago that local shops around here were dumping for $150 last year and you can find on eBay for $199 or less. The same goes with most of the other skis on the list.
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"can work on price"? The seller has a lot to work on.
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true about the asking prices but no reason not to offer what you're willing to pay and walk away if need be. 6-stars and speedmachine 14.1, both in usable lenths, not bad skis whatever the year.
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