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IS there a WM movie this season?

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What's up with Warren? I haven't seen any press on the annual movie. Anyone knwo what's going on?
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Ask and ye shall get answered: WM: Off the Grid
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Warren Miller

Yes, there is a Warren Miller film, but don't expect too much. Go see the Matchstick Productions premiere instead.
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Like Higher Ground last year, Warren himself has nothing to do with Off the Grid.

In fact, Warren Miller Entertainment is for sale, again.

Same goes for Ski, Skiing, and Transworld.
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Thank you oh Great Gaurdian of all ski knowledge.....
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Yeah, its truely sad what's happened to Warren Miller films. They dub in his voice from past movies and it has this eerie "out of body" sound to it. It can be fun though to try to guess which past film the lines come from, if you're in to old Warren Miller.

Does anyone have the full story of what's happened? I heard something about his kid taking over and basically forcing him out?
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Warren has retired and has nothing to do with these films other than they paid to continue to use his name. The last film was so commercialized I have no interest in seeing this film. Especially since there are so many other ski porn filmakers out there.
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It truely is a shame, Warren Miller WAS Warren Miller films. They should be called something else.
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Originally Posted by ChrisBowers View Post
Does anyone have the full story of what's happened?
Sure. Here's the reader's digest version.

In the early 90's Warren sold WME to his son and friend. To make a long story short, those 2 mismanaged the company badly enough that they needed to bail out. This brought about the sale to Mountain Sports Media. There's been a long standing rumor that this caused a significant rift between father and son, but I cannot substantiate that. MSM made a good faith effort to bring Warren himself back into the fold - he wrote and narrated the first few releases under MSM, concluding with 2004's Impact.

After that, MSM and Warren had a falling out. It is my understanding that a lot of it had to do with the script. Warren wanted to continue to do it his way, meaning his was the only voice you would hear. MSM wanted to showcase a little bit more of the skiers' personalities, through their voices. Apparently, a compromise could not be reached, and Warren, unfortunately, "retired."
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The thing that really bugged me about last years films was that the narration was a cut and paste of Warren Millers narrations from older films. For months after seeing it I had a strange desire to buy a Pathfinder and eat Nature Valley granola bars...lol
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I just ordered "Best of Matchstick", The ski movie collection. I aslo ordered Higher Ground. I just have to have it in the collection. I hope its not as bad as some have said. I remember the post from last season. Yikes, it got trashed.
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Its got product placements out the yin yang and the cut and paste clips of Warren's voice are creepy, but its got some decent scenes and a decent soundtrack. There's plenty of better stuff out there though. If it were from a different company, I'd say it was an average movie, but for a Warren Miller movie it left me feeling sad.
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This issue has probably been hashed to death, but even the last few movies Warren was in were getting progressivly worse. To me, the best part of Warren Miller movies were the perspectives on the different ski areas. People like me could relate to the movies because they had actually been there or knew some of the people in the film.

The last several movies have been mostly about A) People hiking to get their turns in some remote spot, or B) Heli-skiing huge mountains in Alaska or some other remote range.

I have nothing wrong with Heli-skiing and marvel at those who do it well. However, I can in no way relate to it, and lose interest fairly quickly.
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I grew up watching WM flix on TV. I remember those great shots where about a dozen people rip a mogul field in synchronicity.

As for the heli-skiing, yeah, it's hard to relate to a bunch of priviledged athletes who don'thave to worry about cost or equipment or travel plans.

I think what killed last season's WM film for me was the gratuitous Jeep and Nature Valley sponsorship. Not only did I get hit in the face with it when I went to the theater, but every shot in the film that didn't involve skiing had the athletes either lounging or driving around in a brand new Jeep while munching on granola bars. Hell, there was even one scene where some of the riders grabbed a jumbo (think 5 feet) granola bar and waved it around for several minutes to further bring home the sponsorship.

That said, there's plenty of smaller films out there making the rounds.

Last night I drove to Santa Cruz to see the local screening of Corduroy, the new film from Rage. It was okay. A little too much jibbing and booter action for my taste (I'm not a park/trick skier). Local skier Cody Townsend, who as in the film, showed a compilation reel of his season which was much shorter and actually much cooler than the full-length film.

(click the INFO tab to find out where the film is screening near you)

Other films on tour:

Anamoly by TGR

Push/Pull by Matchstick

And you can always dig into the archives and watch some older flix. I recently watched The Man Who Skied Down Everest for the first time. That flick is pretty sick. And on the recommendation of Phil P. I recently purchased a box set of Greg Stump films as well as some old school '50s ski films. They have yet to arrive, but I'm gonna throw a pre-season party at our house to screen them.
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Very good point Matt. Thats something I loved about the older WM movies, how lots of footage was at everyday mountains. From the rockies to mole hills in Michigan (no offense to those hills), it showed how you could have a great time on skis no matter where you were and how big your hill was. It was a philosophy WM himself seemed to hold dear to himself. Now its all powder shots of Alaska, The Himalayas, you name it. Its all great footage, but its hard for the everyday skiier to relate to locales they'll probably never get the chance to visit and terrain they'd probably never be able to ski. I love watching the footage, but 2 hours of it gets a bit boring. Not to mention how they got that brand new Grand Cherokee Limited on some dirt road in Morocco or whatever backwater location they happened to jet off to. Ugh.
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Just saw the WM new movie trailer on RSN. I know movie trailer's can be somewhat deceiving but I gotta say some of the skiing and riding is off the charts. I just might have to go.
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Those of you wanting something different to watch at home should look into one of Peter Chrzanowski`s films, which tend to capture the more adventurous side of skiing. His productions tend to display more boldness and ambition than average, but often capture unexpected surprises, which is really the essence of adventure. Skiers in his films include Schmidt, Coombs, Petersen, Pehota, and early Chamoniard extremists. He also made a documentary (Goldenrush)about Kicking Horse in Golden, BC during and after its expansion. You may have to email him to buy a copy. Here`s his link:

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