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Salomon S912Ti?

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Quick question about Salomon bindings.

My current Xscream's are dead and I'm about to get a new pair of Salomon XScream Series skis mounted up. I have a pair of Salomon S900 bindings with the "PowerAxe" and the associated standard lifters that I could just transfer over to the new skis.

I was curious if going to the Salomon S912Ti with a lower lifter and no PowerAxe would make the ski perform noticably better in the bumps (where I spend most of my time when skiing)?

I don't have a big problem spending the money for the 912Ti's, but if it's not going to buy me much performance increase I'll stick with the 900's

I've spoken with a few shops and get differing opinions.

Thanks for the help.
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The biggest difference you'll notice is the reduction in weight. The 912Ti is amazingly light. The lowering of your bindings will make the ski feel less squirrelly which is a plus in moguls and the terrain park. The downside is the extra height helps with carving on groomers and hard snow.
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What Rio said.
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A Poweraxe plate has a different mounting pattern than the 912 TI, which means re-drilling the skis.
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