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Huge Retro ski posters?

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I'm looking for a HUGE retro ski poster- like 4'x5'. Does anyone know where I can find one or two?
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Haven't come across any that large. I have one that is about 30 by 48 or so. Since the originals were meant for travel agents and the advertising racks in train stations they tend to run about that size and shape. I think it's tougher to expand an image successfully than to shrink it unless you have the original image and it's vector-based (correct me if I'm wrong about that).
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What are you looking for? I have a large suitcase full of rolled-up ski posters from the early 80s-early 90s. Rossi, K2, Lange, Salomon, Marker, some ski movies, a WESC poster. Anything specific?
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You can search some of these sites by size, large to small (try art.com, allposters.com, posters.com, etc.). The 30x50 one I linked to is the largest I've come across online ... I've been shopping for vintage ski posters, myself.

I ended up buying at the Ski Country Antiques store on Floyd Hill. I see you're in Colorado; have you been there yet? They have some pretty large art in the warehouse, and I know they order things, so you might check with them. Good luck.
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I'm not looking for anything specific col_surfer, just something retro looking and interesting. If you've got any of the older style ski posters, let me know- maybe take some pictures of them?
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Give good old ebay a try. 268 entries with a number of them dating back as far as the 30's.
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268 entries? What did you type in, "ski posters"? I don't want the 20x30 size, they need to be over-sized. I tried "large retro ski posters" and "huge retro ski posters" and nothing came up.
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Originally Posted by Harry Dunn View Post
I'm looking for a HUGE retro ski poster- like 4'x5'. Does anyone know where I can find one or two?

Another well regarded source for posters in Boston MA is the International Poster Gallery


search on winter sports and XL size. There's a range of beautiful posters in that size. My guess given the quality of what they sell that they will be expensive, museum quality pieces.
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The real deal seeming to eliminate this year's boot purchase.....
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Some of the repros at Allposters are available in larger sizes (40x30 inches), but it looks like it's only the newer photo prints, nothing retro.
Look for "other sizes available" while browsing.

Buy a poster with the design you want and take it to a print shop that can scan and then enlarge it to the size you want. Kinko's would be a place to call first to see what they can do for max scan size and outputs.

You could also try sign-makers as they deal with large stuff for advertisements.
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