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Whistler webcam

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Just looked at it and saw snow at roundhouse
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Early this year. 4,500' F.L. at Mt.Hood tonight with 1-3 inches. I'll be spin'n out on the hill and throw'n chains hot-damn.:
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Last week I was hiking on Whistler peak in shorts, but now that summer is almost behind us. BRING ON THE SNOW. Here is the link to the webcams. http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/weather/live/index.htm
If this year is anything like last year, it is going to be an awesome season.
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Last news was that they got 15cm of fresh snow on the Peak chair.
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Was up in the bike park today (as far as top of the Whistler gondola) ... Peak chair was not open at all this weekend 'cos of the fog. Although the rain last night killed much of the snow from the last couple of days there's still quite a few patches dotted around above Chic Pea. It was also a bit on the chilly side for vented gloves and shorts : Threw my first snowball of the season yesterday.
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