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Build your perfect run...

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Just thinking while chompin' on the bit.....

If you could pick any 3 runs in the US and stack them one on top of the other creating one long continuous "perfect run" what runs would you pick and in what sequence? Would you mix up a tree run with a bump run with a bowl (or a cruiser)? Conditions---2 feet of fresh
Can't mix 2 trails top to bottom ie: Rendevous Bowl to North Hoback at JH would count as 2 runs

Here's my run...mix of trees, bumps and bowls (guessing it's about 7500 feet of total verticle)
upper 1/3---Shadows (Steamboat)...trees
middle 1/3--Silver Fox (Snowbird) ...steeps, bowl and bumps
Final 1/3 --North Hoback (JH) )my all time fav run then straight to the bar...
Now THAT would be one awesomw run!!
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dave's run @ mammoth. big turns down the face to:

under supreme chair @ alta. into the pow and trees to:

hobacks @ jackson. wheeeeee all the way to the moose.
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Ok how bout this,
1. Corbets @ Jackson (Need to get the blood going for the rest of the run)
2. Headwall @ Jackson (Can't beat not having to hike a half hour to get there.)
3. Forgive my ignorance, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the run. They are the runs at Alta where you first have to do a bitch of a traverse and then you can drop into 1 of 3 different (almost chutes but not quite). Each one gets harder then the one before it. I'm wanting to say they are over at the wildcat side of the mountain.

I feel like I'm missing some runs, but this is pretty close for me. I would have put up some bump runs, but with 2 feet of fresh powder, I couldn't force myself.

*I've heard such good things about the Hobacks, but unfortunately when we went, it had just snowed 2-3 feet, but the tram was closed due to wind, and no one wanted to traverse over there. By the time we did get there it was all chopped up and baked. "Sigh"
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East: at MRG..Caramount to Lynx to Beaver. Not that hardest, but oh so much fun.
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East again: Upper Cannon at Cannon to Bubblecuffer at Sugarloaf to Lynx at Wildcat. A classic New England winder, to a classic windy bump run, to a nice scenic cruiser.
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Berry Berry Steep at Snowbird in Powder
Kathrines at Alta in Powder
Ruthies at Aspen Groomed Carving the whole run.
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Special midwestern edition:

Horseshoe chutes of Mt. Bohemia
Husky Bowl of Mont Ripley
Bull Run of Sunburst
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El Plateau (cliffs included) at Portillo to start

Milk Run at Solitude (good steeps, trees) to take a break

Road to Provo at Snowbird (nice open finish)
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Eastern version:
Hayride (Stowe) to
Bubblecuffer (Sugarloaf) to
Celestial (Sunday River)
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its kinda sad that i know more of the jackson terrain than i do most of the east mountains. and i live on the right coast

1/3: Hike the chin, ski out gondiloer extntion (Stowe)
1/3: M1 liftline to black hole (smuggs)
1/3:Perry Merril (Stowe)

West (ive only been to jackson, so thats what i know)
1/3 headwall, hike gets you warmed up, and the huck gets the adrenaline goin
1/2:Hobacks, pure powder bliss, ive enjoyed north most
1/6: Holy crap that was fun!! lets do it again
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Rudi's bowl (kicking horse BC canada)
Gable's Mt. Baker
Top to bottom Tram run in the Jackson hole B.C.
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The run would start out on Kachina Peak at Taos for some scenic open-bowl turns, then segue into the trees between S.T.H. and the Gad 2 lift at Snowbird, and then ease out into a long smooth finish on Warm Springs at Sun Valley....all on an epic powder day.
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How 'bout a BC only Version:

Superior across from Alta in 3' of 6% to
Glory Bowl @ Teton Pass in 3' of 10% to
Wolverine above Brighton in 3' of 6%.

Wheh! Turn around and do it again.

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Originally Posted by Powdr View Post
How 'bout a BC only Version:

Superior across from Alta in 3' of 6% to
Glory Bowl @ Teton Pass in 3' of 10% to
Wolverine above Brighton in 3' of 6%.

Wheh! Turn around and do it again.


I would only need two runs.

Hemisphers to the shuskan arm. Both at baker.
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ok, tight and fun- Roundabout at Killington, to Sweepstakes at Ragged, to Upper Catwalk at Killington.

Or steep and sweaty- Devils Fiddle at Killington, to Staircase glade at Jay, to Ripcord at Mt Snow

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Start out getting the legs warm on a super steep pitch of chopped up crud. I don't know the name, but Telluride has some of this goodness back near their hike-to and guided terrain, or maybe the back side of Whistler Bowl. Then good mid-pitch bumper where you can carry some speed. There some good endless bumps through Spanky's Ladder in Blackcomb Glacier. Then follow that up with the trees in Shadows at Steamboat, then onto a big, steepish, open powder bowl such as the back of Vail (I don't know which bowl is which... China??), and then onto a steep wide groomer with perfect courdory (can't think of the name, but Telluride has a great one (although not long enough) - or maybe Dave Murray DH at Blackcomb or the DH course at Whiteface). Yeah, I know it's 5 (steeps, bumps, trees, pow, groomer), but ya gotta love 'em all, and if you're going to build the perfect run, it's gotta have some of everything.
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Originally Posted by JohnH View Post
- or maybe Dave Murray DH at Blackcomb...
i thought about finishing up there, too.
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