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Big lifter/damper vist plates on wide(r) midfats? (m777)

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So....inspired by this thread:


Was kicking around the possiblity of picking up a pair of 192cm elan M777's and throwing on one of those nifty matching elan/vist plates that are on closeout all over the net. The m777 has a fairly mellow flex but is very GS-like....I think a v13 type plate, which is not a full floater but not too stiff, would probably work best. These would get S916 bindings....so the entire setup would be rather heavy....vists are around 1.25-1.5lb each. If I skiped the plate, I would use a normal 10mm lifter. These would be used for all around high-speed freeskiing, on trail, mostly mixed-harder snow and crud. I have other shorter, lighter skis without a plate....these would be my bombers, and take the spot of my 201 asteroids (would be kept in resereve as the big pow stick) and 192 (old) stormriders (going into semi-retirement due to lack of width). I'm serious....what do you think?

Edit: Oh yeah....I should probably just buy the plate, and could throw it on the stormriders (which I've been considering doing for years) if I decide not to use it on the 777.
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From my experience, the flex dampening and added weight of a plate outweighs the sum of its benefits, especially for non-racers, because if all you really want to do is get up off the ski for more leverage and boot-out prevention, you're much better off with toe and heel lifters. And it doesn't matter what kind of plate it is: screw in, glue on, sliding or integrated (like Atomic uses in the Metron and Supercross), all they've ever done for me is deaden and stiffen the board. Most lifters keep the drill pattern the same or similar so you don't ruin the flex any more than you would by mounting the bindings flat; plus lifters almost always weigh less than a plate. Result? Same desired effect, with less weight and more control (for me at least).

I mounted a Stockli Stormrider XL with Rossi FKS155s (the proven turntable heel, shortest footprint on the market) with 10mm toe/heel lifters that had the same hole pattern as the bindings. So I simply used a longer screw to screw the hole assembly (binding and lifter) into the ski. Simple and very effective. To this day I've never skied anything that has gripped better on packed snow. The flex is better than any of the Atomics (yes, B5 included) and several other plate-based skis (such a Kniesel sporting a VIST plate with Markers).

So go with lifters. Just my 2C,

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