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Possible Right Medial Meniscus Tear

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Ok, after last season and then this summer's hiking season (w/ backpack), I've concluded that the pain I've experienced in my right knee for the past 20 years is not normal.

Went to the doc, and he thinks it's a tear to the medial meniscus. Otherwise the knee is quite stable. I'm having an MRI on Friday, and if this is the case am facing having it repaired (if in the blood supplied area) or snipped out (if blood-less).

Now here's my question: if it's a snip job, is the recovery really a one or two month affair? I've been through the achilles repair deal, and in no way ever want to repeat that gig. (I know if it's a repair, the recovery will be longer.) I do not want to miss this season's snow fun, but my doc is saying I could do it now and be on the slopes end of december.



p/s it has been snowing at 7,000 feet in the enchanments in the cascades... the season is almost here.
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Are you sure you are not me. I tore my achilles tendon and went through the recovery. I had an MRI last week, and I have two tears in my lateral and one in my medial meniscus. Surgery is next week. Given my damage, I don't think it is repairable, so it will be a snip job(as you put it). However if it were, from what I have read, I do not think the recovery would be as bad as the achilles, since with the achilles I had to stretch the tendon.

Good luck.
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Does the pain stop you from doing anything? There is no guarantee that you will like the result of the snip job, and you can't have it undone.
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Doesn't hurt, but the knee is not stable.
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Why won't PT alone work?

I had it done. It took from March to November to recover. Then I hurt it very easily the next summer, and that did not recover. It's not longer good at all -- just sitting hurts.

I'm worried about how much longer I can play in the snow. I really wish I did not do it, and I am very afraid to do anything more to it.
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met a knee surgeon who bragged about being the leading consultant for the US ski team. A fellow Big mountain competitor himself. He told me I needed knee surgery for my acl about 6 years ago.(I know, different injury than yourself) Then he told me he himself had had over twenty different surgeries. : I never got the surgery, and have zero problems now. Not that you don't know your body and your twenty year history, but after 2 shoulder surgeries, an achilles myself and other knee injuries, I've grown weary of the surgeon who chooses the knife first. Always get a second opinion, perhaps your MRI will help. Good luck and heal efficiently, not quickly.
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I hurt my knee in March. I have given it all summer, and it is still bothersome. I am willing to give surgery a try. If it is still bothersome after surgery, then I will accept it and deal with it.
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I have had both a snip job and a repair. The snip job was an easy recovery. I think you are cutting it close with ski season approaching and I would try to give it as much time as possible to heal. Listen to your doctor and your body. Too much, too soon usually means delayed recovery.
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Good luck. For my next one, they'll have to wheel me to the table. I'm certain there will be a next one in my future. Probably sooner than later.
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Thanks for the replies... ok, not feeling warm and fuzzy about this. I hate orthopaeds.

Hurts when I have weight on it -- backpacking, and occasionally while skiing -- otherwise I don't notice it. Will see what the MRI says, and go from there.


and you're right, I don't think anything compares to the achilles repair!
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Good luck with your knee.

But just a word from something I experienced this last season.
I ate it pretty good on Big Sky, my knee hurt some, but I finished the day. Well fast forward a couple days, I go to the ortho says I have grade 2 MCL tear and poss ACL. Get MRI.

Now here's my advice: DON'T BANK ON A MRI!! I had 3 different docs look at my MRI and the only thing they agreed on was I did have a MCL tear. Doc #1 Complete ACL & MCL need surgery now so I get a second opnion Doc #2 Complete MCL and partical ACL lets try physical therapy for a few weeks before we consider surgery. Doc #3 (doc that did knee surgery #2 on same knee) partical MCL and complete ACL needed surgery last week.

I told them all to pound sand. Did tons and tons of quad/thigh strenghening exercises. I'll try ski season this year. My theory is if I can live with the pain they aren't going to cut me.
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Very similar Medial Meniscus Injury here....

I somehow hurt my knee in July this year climbing and ski-descending Mt. Adams. The climb took me about 5 days for body recovery but the right knee was taking longer. I thought I might have just strained the MCL too much but after 8 weeks, I was still having some sharp pains in the medial area accompanied by dull aching at times throughout the entire joint. I then suspected a meniscus tear, saw my very trusted ortho last Thusday, had the MRI Monday, and confirmation of the tear yesterday. I'm scheduled for the 'snip' on Oct. 20th. It's really pretty wierd because I have no idea when or how I hurt it, I just know it's hurt.

From those I've talked to and the doc., I anticipate about a month for full recovery. The doc had told me 10-14 days, "depending on what else I might find once I'm in there...." : but I think that's more to a level of full function so far as bike riding and walking. I want to make sure I have given it plenty of time before I try skiing on it. Right now, it's not so painful and I have full range of motion but, when I squat and come up, I'm not able to fully bear my half-weight on it. My left leg does most of the lift so, in my opinion, I need to get the repair done or it is going to effect my ability to ski this year. Right now, I think my timing's right to get it taken care of.

Good luck! We should compare notes on this over the course of the procedure and recovery.
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I had a repair done on my left knee 4 or 5 years ago. Its out patient surgery. I stayed home from work 2 days total. I was on crutches for 2 or 3 days. And I think I was pretty much back to normal within a couple of weeks.

Mine was pretty straight forward. A slight tear with some arthritis for good measure. I haven't had any problems since.

Good luck,

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