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Skis for the 100lb racer

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100 lbs, 140's reach to her bottom lip. Excellent skier, loves to carve rails, moves the body inside the turn. Current skis are unplated, but bindings lifted.

This is always a tough call -- it's usually simple to stay with the jr stuff.

But what if......

Adult Rossi power pulsion 9S @ 150.

or ?
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I am not familiar with the ski you are thinking about. It is a tough call, on when to move to adult skis. My youngest daughter is about 5 # lighter and she will be on junior race skis again this year.

Two issues that I would consider are; 1) weight of the adult ski and binding combination, 2) and strength of the skier, age could be a factor here.

I would probably go with junior race gear. I would consider (depending on the skier) junior race gear for 100# woman as a reasonable option.

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Skis for Jr

At 100 lbs I think she will have a tough time flexing the Adult version of the Rossi 9S.

Lots of race skis to chose from in a Jr version. My Gal was on Atomic SL:11 at 144 and Nordica Dobermann GSJ at 161 both JR race skis. Last year - age 13 and 115lbs.

At 100 lbs, I think you may want to look ta 145 cm for SL and maybe 155-160 for GS.

A 150 adult SL ski seems alot for 100lbs
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Volkl Junior Racetiger race stock 149cm

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I think sticking with the Jr. Ski this year could be a good idea, if only to let her strength catch up to her growth rate.

Sometimes the deals look too darn good to pass up.....so it won't be an adult ski for her.....

Any other suggestions? She is allowed only the one pair, races focus on slalom and short turny courses, with very little GS component.
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I'm guessing that if she is allowed only one pair of skis that she is in the Nancy Green League. All of the kids race skis seem to be pretty good. I would look at SL skis and perhaps a little longer in length than you would normaly get for running SL courses only.

This will give her a ski that should be a little easier to initiate turns on and yet have a little extra stability from the length. The added benefit is that if she moves up to K1 next year and can have two pairs, those skis can become her dedicated SL skis.

We have had a lot of the Atomic SL & GS 11s in our house and my daughters quite liked them. I have some reservations with the Atomics as the recommended Boot location is a little further back than on other brands. Other than that the skis are very good.

The best local deal in the Toronto area is at Corbett’s in Oakville. Nordica Dobermann JR, one pair SL and one pair GS plus bindings, Marker JR race $499 for the set. I don’t know how much they have left as these are last years skis.

For used kids race boards try the Milton Heights Race Club ski swap, it is a very large swap and has a lot of kid’s race gear. The kids stuff goes fast, Friday night and Saturday morning are the times for the best selection. Nov 3, 4 5 for the Swap.

One caution is that you have to watch binding compatibility. At 100# she is probably close to, or already in a boot that has an adult type sole. I think the change in boot sole occurs around size 23. The Adult sole is wider and does not fit properly into Jr. bindings. You probably already know that but it is a detail we can forget, or at least I have been caught by this one.

Finally I have a pair of used Atomic Jr. GS 11s in a 150 length, Look Nova 7 Jr. bindings going in to the swap if you are interested.

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Yes martin, it is Nancy Greene, and she's into the lange junior/womens boots, size 9 I think. Thanks for the head's up on the Corbetts deal.

Thanks also for the Atomic notion, but I'm really looking for an SL.
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My son is moving up to K1 this year from NGSL, as he has turned 11. He is about the same height as your daughter - 140's come to about lip level - but he is a bit lighter. Last year he used Atomic GS9's in 140 length for GS and SL9's in 130 length for SL (we don't have the one ski rule here).

I got him a pair of Atomic GS12's (144) this year and a pair of last years SL11's (137). I agree with one of the previos posters who suggested that you go with a SL ski this year and then add a GS ski next.

In my opinion 150-160cm would be way too much ski for your daughter
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Uhhhhhhh ..... racing and "carving rails" ... on the same skis in not a good thing.

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