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Do you like the new "Ski Pro" listing - Page 4

Poll Results: Do you like the new "Ski Pro" information under supporter name?

Poll expired: Sep 26, 2006  
  • 52% (27)
    Yes, I like them
  • 19% (10)
    Yes, but only some part of the listing
  • 17% (9)
    No I don't like them, Please Remove
  • 9% (5)
    Don't Know/Not Sure
51 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by hemingway View Post
Far from it, in fact.

Just an anonynous ole fart who lectures on Literature to throngs of (mostly) disinterested university students.
Disinterested, or uninterested?
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Considering how many times my title has changed lately, just call me "drifter".
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Do you speak to the pompatuse of love?
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Originally Posted by MarkXS View Post

I'm also real glad I didn't have the chutzpah, as a lowly L1, to ask to be listed. Man, if the LII and LIII's are getting beat up... :

I did, and I know I'm gonna regret it. But, this will be my fourth season (boy, I really need to take the level 2), I think I'm finally at the point of being able to let people know that I am available to teach their kids or their whole family. L1's nothing to be ashamed of, I've met lots of instructors over the years that griped about how certification was just a political pretty face game - one look in the mirror for me was enough to convince me that I deserved to pass when I did.
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Originally Posted by ant View Post
Disinterested, or uninterested?

Disinterested, as I had posted.

This from Random House/Webster's Dictionary: <

"disinterested, adj.,1. unbiased by personal interest.
2.not interested; indifferent.

-Useage. there is a general consensus among critics that DISINTERESTED should only be used to mean "unbiased, impartial"; only UNINTERESTED can be used to mean "not interested." However, DISINTERESTED is often found, in all levels of English, in the meaning, "Not Interested".

I (as do many other who have also successfully defended english theses) use the word in this way, due to it's structurally literal presentation, to further indicate an instance wherein a prexisting interest has been lost: "dis" ("a prefix meaning: reversal (disconnect) negation or lack (distrust) Removal or Separation (disbar) - "interested":
Loss of preexisting interest

I earn my primary bread as a university professor, and have defended my thesis in order to gain this position.

I do not participate on this, or any other forum, for furthered defense of my credentials.

Might I request that we "stick to" the skiing discussions?

Thank You

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Originally Posted by Si View Post
The reason I originally posted in Kneale's thread is that I think there is a core question here. Epic was founded as a community of skiers. That is, an all inclusive community with no weighting toward one characterization of a skier over another. Interestingly it has also become a congregating point for a lot of instructors (note that they too are skiers: ). That is a good thing.

However, to give a "status" to ski instructors alone doesn't fit with my concept of an all inclusive community. I would suggest that either no "status" be the rule (I am only talking about under the name in posts) or that everyone have the option to include a "status" under their name be it racer, professional freeskier, professor of physics, etc. I certainly think that someone who has participated and placed in a world cup race or a big mountain competition has valid credentials just as a ski instructor does. Additionally, given the wide range of forums and topics within Epic I also think that other credentials are often salient.

In the end I think it's just simpler to leave the info in a user's profile and not have it displayed in a post as that emphasizes an equality among members that I think should be promoted.
Beautifully stated!!!
IMHO, the seperate listing page would be an adequate resource for those looking for instructors(who financially contribute)......I'll wear my Gold Pin on the slopes-
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I too, find Si's post persuasive.

I think the "user title" reflects a person's role in the EpicSki community, not the greater world. We have members, supporters, moderators, admins, (ahem) a designer...where does "Ski Pro" fit into that schema?

It doesn't...until you use it, then it suddenly does. And suddenly the designations aren't just about what roles people perform on a website, now they're into ranking skiers.

This is an unintended consequence and I know there was no intent but it's what happened. We all learn from this ongoing social experiment.

I think the sig line is a better place for this sort of thing and for a link to the listing directory.
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
Hem, I get your point about "Ski Pro" and agree. For me, this has mostly been a cut-and-paste exercise, and we didn't really think through the "Ski Pro" designation. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

What do you think about the version in my title (with "EpicSki Supporter" above the credentials)?

Thank You.

As I have stated, I have no problem with anyone else feeling the need to be referred to as a "pro"..

Such a designation does not square with my own self-image.

Thank You

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After extensive deliberation (and more than a little delay due to my other pressing business!), we have decided this:
  • We will maintain the EpicSki Instructor List as it has been since its inception a number of years ago
  • We will use the instructors' title area to link to their entry in the list and also to link to the resort where they teach
We are leaving the instructors' credentials off of their titles, but that will be available within the listing.

If you have comments or questions on this policy, please contact me by PM or e-mail (both available directly in my profile).

Thank you again to all of the instructors who give so much of their time and valuable insights to EpicSki at no cost to members!
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Good decision. Thanks
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