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Karma vs. PE vs. Prophet vs...?

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Hey everybody,
So i'm new to the forums, relatively new to skiing and really hoping for some advice. I really got into skiing last season (12 days or so) and now I think it's definitely time for some skis of my own for the upcoming season. I'm looking for a good all around east coast ski to handle a bit of everything. It looks like the Karma (05-06) is a pretty sweet all around ski, but i'm curious how it actually compares to the Line Prophet and or K2 Public Enemy. Ideally I'd like something stable at high speed but not afraid to make quick turns, definitley not afraid of super-hard pack but ridable in soft snow. I spent a lot of time last season on 162cm Rossi Z9's which were sweet but I'm looking for something a lil more suited to messing around (hence the twin tips).

Also is sizing: I'm 5'5 and 155lbs, I've heard twins ski a bit short so should I look at a 169 or should I be looking more in the low 160's?

Thanks.. Matt
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i'm 5'11" and approx 185lbs. i ski a pair of Karmas in the 177 and like the length fine.

in terms of your comparison to the Line Prophet, I wouldn't put the two skis in the same category. i skied the LP80 as a demo for 3 days in 05 and it felt a little softer than the Karma. It also was a bit more turny than the Karma on groomer and hardpack (i.e. I had to muscle the Karma a bit more to get shorter turns). I would put the LP80 more along the lines of the K2 Apace Recon, if anything. Of course if you're talking about the Line Prophet 90 and 100s, I have no clue as I haven't skied those.

i will say this, i loved my Karmas when I took them out at Breckinridge and stayed in the bowls between Peaks 8 and 7 (off the t-bar). They ripped up the powder crusted snow like nobody's business and still held firm when i came blazing out on the hardpack groomers near the lift.
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Hi Hoot. Welcome!
I'm fairly similar in stats to dookey, and have the Public Enemies in 174.

As dookey says, the Prophet isn't in the same league, in my opinion. Of the other two, I would say the Karma is a more advanced ski, and would probably beat the PE in a race, but I think the PE is easier to handle.

So, speed or control? Well, to be honest there's not a great difference betweent he two skis, so the clincher might be price.
As for length, I'd have said around 165 would be about right.
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Don't talk to fast the Line Prophet 90 could be the most underrated ski of 2007.
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Hey Guys,
Thanks for the replies. I was thinking more of the Prophet 90 rather than the 80. From the dims. it has a larger head (+6mm) but the waist and tail are within +2-3mm of the Volkl, with a more dramatic sidcut than either the Volkl or the PE. I've read some good things about the 90, especially the fact it's supposed to have pretty good grip on hard snow (which we see all too much of). I just wonder if it would be too much ski for around here.
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