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Thanks, Tom. I always try to just give them a wide berth. At least now I know what to say. :
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I ski with my Mp3 player quite a bit. It is great for tuning people out in the gondola. No, I really can't hear it very well while I ski, I don't have it super loud. It is especially cool in the backcountry while skinning up.

I think yelling "On your right" as you pass someone will probably make people look or turn right as often as not. Maybe it's better to slow down and wait until you have more room.
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I have a snowboarder friend that does this, and I HATE IT. I'm eternally worried that she's not going to hear something coming up behind her, or (god forbid) some out of control clown in the terrain park. I can understand taht under certain circumstances it wouldn't be a big deal, but she has it loud enough that she can't hear me talking next to her on the chair. But I'm not her father. What can I do? I just think that it adds an unnecessary amount of danger to what can be a dangerous sport.

And please no comments about snowboarders. That has nothing to do with it.
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