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Little Cottonwood Mid-November?

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What is the probability of decent snow at Alta-Bird November 18-19-20? Are they even certain to be open? Looks like that's the only weekend I can get there before newyears in Big Sky. I'll be traveling 1,200 miles and have a good deal invested so I need to be fairly sure there will be some decent snow if we go.
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Do you really need someone to go to the trouble of posting what you must know to be the case: there are NO guarantees, ESPECIALLY in mid-november.
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I doubt many steeps will be skiable. If any.

Also, you are pre-thanksgiving. Market demand will keep a lot of stuff closed.

Save your money.
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That is a risky decision. I know that Cottonwood resorts are scheduled to be open by then, but it's always conditions permitting. Not to mention, non of the good terrain will be open then like the previous posters said. There is a reason you could find a deal so cheap then...snow is not a guarentee and you won't be skiing the whole mountain.
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Thanks for the advice. I knew it was risky but I wanted a little unbiased local input. Looks like it's golf at home for Thanksgiving again this year.
FWIW, I've had two Thanksgiving trips 20 - 30 years ago. One to Vail. Plenty of snow top to bottom on groomed runs. There were enough runs open to easily handle the small crowd. Of course none of the Back Bowls or XX were open. A year or two later I went to Taos in early December. Their literature advertised a Thanksgiving opening. Skiing was great. It was probably the most fresh snow I've ever skied. The shops were not yet stocked. When I asked why I could not buy film I was told, "We're never open this early". When I asked about the brochure that noted a Thanksgiving opening she said, "We can always hope".
Two good early season trips. Maybe I shouldn't push my luck.
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We do an annual ski trip over Thanksgiving to Colorado. So far, as long as we are willing to be flexible, we have had good luck, of course, this will only be our third year. There is a great article out there (I believe written by our own Tony Crocker) for determining best chances for early season snow. You can find it at http://www.skiingmag.com/skiing/trav...328639,00.html

Our limited experience:
Wolf Creek was 100% open during Thanksgiving 2004, but had next to nothing T-giving 2005. Because of that we changed our plans to Summit County. The elevations there are high and a few resorts open at least a couple of runs (Loveland, A-Basin). And since there are so many, we were able to choose which area to hit based on how much acreage was open. T-giving 2005 we skied Loveland, Keystone, Breckenridge, and Vail. Plenty of terrain was open, but we don't search for steeps, so were are probably easier to please than others. The great thing about Summit County is that even if you have no snow, there is still a lot to keep you busy, especially with Denver so close. We are scheduled for another trip to Summit County this T-giving with fingers crossed.

Of course, I haven't really helped at all about your question of the Little Cottonwood Canyons.
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Your asking, us to help you make a safe bet for Thanksgiving sking? Odds are that you will find some skiing in Utah mid Nov. It is not out of the odinary here in Utah to go from no snow what so ever to 5 foot on the ground in one Nov storm. I have lived i Utha for more then 10 years now. I can't think of one Thanksgiving that I have not skied. Some years it was more man made then natural snow. Then again there were one or two years of mega Thanksgiving weekend dumps. 48" in 24 hours. If I really wanted to get some turns in I would roll the dice and bet the farm, well maybe not the farm.
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I'll say it again. If you're spending your own money for skiing and don't have an unlimited budget, it's foolish to advance book for Thanksgiving. Unless it's a last minute drive-up to an area that just got snow. My median first ski day of the season is December 16 and median last day is May 26. Early season skiing is consistently overrated and late season skiing is consistently underrated.

For three years now I have booked scuba diving in the Caribbean for Thanksgiving week. And the year it dumped in October I arranged a weekend in Mammoth Nov. 13-14.
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Utah is probably about as good a bet as any in November, but again, its early so who knows. What you may want to do is make it a "gametime decision" since there will be plenty of rooms open at that time and you could probably find a decent last minute airfare deal. I've skiied Utah in November and had epic days, but who knows, its all up to mother nature.
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