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Vertical feet in a day

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My record is almost exactly 60,000 vertical feet. Out of sheer curiosity I crunched the numbers for my best day at Cannon Mountain and astonishingly it was indeed almost exactly the magic 60K. How bizzare is that?

Here's how it works.

First tram car - 8:15 am
Last tram car - 3:45 pm
Round trip on Tram - exactly 15 minutes
vertical of tram - 2,030'

60,000 / 2,030 = 29.56 runs to acheive 60K

so 30 runs

times 15 for the time each run takes
30 x 15 = 450 minutes
450 / 60 = 7.5 hours
7.5 = exactly how long the tram is open

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First lift up 8:30, Last lift up 1:30AM

Vertical 180', lifts per hour 9

Vertical 27,540 [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Speaking of vert feet in a day...

There's going to be an interesting little contest going on next Tuesday (1/7/03) at Jackson Hole and Snowbird. A team of four riders at each resort will compete to see who can do the most cumulative vertical feet. They'll ride the tram at their respective resorts and each rider's vert will be added for the team total.

Each team will have a snowboarder, a telemark skier, and two (if they choose) alpine skiers.

The Snowbird team (if I remember correctly) will be all women, including famous telemarker Kasha Rigby.

The Jackson team will include boarder Jon Griber (widely known as a major ripper), woman extreme skier A J Cargill, and some guy named Tommy Moe (who allegedly can ski fast).

The Snowbird tram runs faster and is bigger, but rises less vertical. The Jackson tram theoretically has a faster line down from the top. It should be interesting to see which team racks up the most vertical.

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Mad River Glen has vertical competition every year as part of their "Triple Crown," the winner of which goes to the US extreme skiing champoinships in "Crusty Butt" to represent the Glen and its Co-Op.

The Triple Crown consists of the Vertical Challenge, Unconventional Terrain Competition, and Mogul Challenge. If somebody wins 2 out of 3 or all three, they represent MRG at the National Championships.

Unfortunately the Unconventional Terrain Competition is the same day as Jay Peak's Citizen's Downhill, which I've been planning to enter, so I wont be in the running for the Triple Crown this year. the Downhill at Jay has a cash prize so as a poor college student I've kinda got to do that instead. I will however be entering the Magic Mountain extreme challenge.
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Lets see. 6 runs an hour with vert drop of 500 feet/run times 10 hours = 30,000 vert I'd say that's about my average when there aren't too many tourists in the way : .

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Originally posted by MittersillManiac:
My record is almost exactly 60,000 vertical feet.
That sucks. You could never afford to go heli-skiing. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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In the earlier days of the Jimmie Huega Classic, we used CH4 at Vail . Ran from about 6am , until you dropped.
My team mates and I (4 of us) each skied 92 runs, totalling just over 100K each. On an 1100' rise!
Nowadays, they don't let them run very long...

This sure doesn't compare with the skiers running the 24 hrs of Aspen, though. That is SICK!

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Originally posted by vail snopro:
This sure doesn't compare with the skiers running the 24 hrs of Aspen, though. That is SICK!

Yeah I was wondering why those so obsessed with vertical didn't just do that!
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Originally posted by disski:
Yeah I was wondering why those so obsessed with vertical didn't just do that!
Most people can't afford Aspen, although I must say that Ajax is indeed a nice mountain.

come to think of it, it's possible to do much more than 60K here in the east. That number just happens to be my personal record. I'm sure I could break it at Wildcat if I skied Lynx all day, or Sugarloaf if I used the Superquad and Narrow Gauge, and definately at Stowe, Stratton, Jay, Waterville, or any number of other places.

Sugarbush probably offers the most vertical in a day, on a theoretical level. The GMX gets you up in 6 minutes on 1,550 feet. If "The Cliffs" (liftline) is groomed it would be a shoe in for the most vert. The lift opens at 8:00am and the last chair is at 4:00pm.

Figure 8 minutes round trip.

8 hours times 60 minutes per hour = 480 minutes

480 divided by 8 = 60 runs

60 runs times 1,550 feet = 93,000 vertical feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I'll do that this year.
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MittersillManiac - I'm assuming that you're riding the tram up and skiing down (duh!) so you must be beating your tram car back down.

Which means you must be waiting at the bottom for a couple of minutes, yes? Wouldn't you be better to ride the quad chair on a day that there's no lift line? What's the vertical rise for the quad at Cannon? It's only six minutes up and less than five down if you don't stop for a smoke. Or enjoy the view.

Last year one day my son and I lost count at about 29 runs but it was a combination of tram, quad, and Zoomer chair, so no record, huh?

Is the new tram liftline trail open yet?

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liftline trail is not open as of yet.

tram runs every 10 minutes, so theoretically you can only catch every second tram... or three per hour. don't forget about the time you spend on the tram and waiting for it. it's impossible to catch the tram more than three times in one hour if they run the tram every 10 minutes like they say they do.

3 times per hour, for 7.5 hours = 22.5 runs. (round up to 23, i'll give ya a half a run). that's pending you ski quick enough that you can take piss breaks at the base before the tram leaves.

so i think you over estimated by a bit more than 14k. 30 runs on the tram in a day doesn't add up.

i think something like the zoomer chair at cannon would rack vertical better, especially on rocket. the triple is a good speed lift that ascends steep terrain. on rocket just carve GS turns, piss in the woods... don't stop. i've never timed the zoomer triple, but i have raced GS on rocket and average GS times were around 1:20:00 if i remember correctly. that's with gates though.
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The best run for vertical is Profile. It's 1,000 vertical feet, a 5 minute 43 second ride, and I've speedballed it in around 30 seconds (had the liftie time me last year). the only problem is how icy it gets. Later in the day it could be really hard to stay in control. Needless to say, patrol would not be happy if one person did this all day. Cannon's patrol doesnt mess around on popular trails.

It's plenty possible to do more vertical than I have. I just haven't. There are a ton of places where more vertical can be had, Wachusett for instance, or Jay Peak (the Jet), among many others. I wasn't really trying to brag or even make a point, just thought the numbers were rather cool cause they were bigger than I expected.
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5 minutes and 43 second? Geez, you really are into this numbers stuff, aren't you?

Profile's a good run, but they don't give you much room to slow down at the bottom before that fence.

You guys take piss breaks? Stay in control on ice? How do you expect to get in 60,000 feet if you slow down for every trivial excuse?

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I only happened to do that once, and I wasn't actually counting at the time. I figured it out after the fact out of curiosity. I need at least 30K in a day unless it's super crowded and then I'm happy with 25K. It's usually more. But I don't usually count more than a rough estimate. I probably average the most on spring days at Killington doing laps on superstar, and that's probably around 45K. Lemme tell you, with those moguls and that much vert last spring I developed some monster quads. By June I barely recognized myself in the mirror.
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Stowe's quad and Gondi both open at 7:30, close at 4:00. Quad is 2,055' and Gondi is 2,160'. They're both fast. You could probably break your record here.
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Originally posted by epic:
Stowe's quad and Gondi both open at 7:30, close at 4:00. Quad is 2,055' and Gondi is 2,160'. They're both fast. You could probably break your record here.
Oh wow I didn't know they opened that early. If I skied nosedive all day I could probably shatter it. I could probably match it while still taking time for quick lunch, or some bump runs. Unfortunately I'm not going to. I absolutely refuse to pay their exhorbitant ticket prices. It's a good mountain, but not enough better than other good mountains around it to justify paying the price. I've only been able to go on those Bus Trips from here in Boston. I am allergic to paying more than $30 for a day, and utterly unable (not unwilling, but unable) to pay more than $45. One day at Stowe is three days at Magic, Tenney or Burke. I just can't do it unless I have a coupon or something. I'd like to, especially if the couloirs on the chin and nose have enough snow, but it just can't happen. The same is true of a bunch of good mountains in the northeast (Sugarloaf, Killington, Wildcat, Whiteface, etc...). It's not that the mountains aren't worth the price. They're great places to ski, but it's just too much.
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You could probably break it at Whiteface too. Their cloudspitter gondola rises 2456 feet in just about seven and a half minutes. mountain opens at 8:30 and closes at 4. You also have the advantage that there's fewer people on the hill then at other places
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Ok, I'll bite on this odd topic. As you can see from my tag line 40,000 vert is a good morning. My entry is Mt. Bachelor's Northwest Express chair. It up lifts 2,365 vert in 8.5 minutes. Even I can ski down in 5 minutes. That means I could bag 89,350 vert during the day. Oh, and I am mid 40's, not a youngster. I suspect that a young strong skier going for a record could bag over 100,000 vert if they pushed, and something over 110,000 vert if they really skied all out.

I can see why someone would want to do laps once, in an effort to break or set a record, but can anyone tell me why someone would want to waste a day routinely doing laps on a single lift/run?

I bagged the 40,000 vert by accident one morning at Bachelor. I had just bought and was using my altimeter watch and it recorded the vert. The snow was very good but there was no real powder left in the trees. We skied hard and fast in the sun for the morning on the Northwest lift. After a bit less than 4 hours we had our 40,000, and yes, it was a surprise to me.

I would not intentionally make the effort to bag vert unless the terrain was terrible, or the conditions made skiing so boring the only thing of interest was bragging rights.

So, Mitter why the pathological focus on bagging vert? There is no reason to stun us with your prowess; we know you are a gifted skier.

Oh, Mitter, if you get the chance would you post a vid of you hitting some of the steeps off of Cannon or one of your other favorite mountains? In all honesty, I have not skied much in the Northeast and I do not think I will make it to the Northeast in the foreseeable future. It would be pretty cool to see some of the tough stuff y'all have back there. We seem to see lots of vids of the steeps from the Rockies and the West, but little from your home areas.

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In theory, you could crush that at Whitetail. We have 960 vert, served top to bottom by a 3000 foot long high speed detachable quad that runs at 1000 ft/min.

That means you can get up in 3 minutes. I've made it down, in a fast GS race course in 34 seconds, and yes, I went around the gates. So a 4 minute round trip is not out of the question at all.

The mountain is open from 8:30 am until 10:00pm, giving you 13.5 hours to make like a yo-yo. At 15 laps/hr, that's just over 202 laps/day. At 960 feet, that's 80 feet short of 194,000 vertical feet per day.

I commonly make 5 minute laps, which would still result in over 155,000 vertical in a day. Not that I would want to do that for 13+ hours. But I commonly make it to 10:00 line-up (at 9:45) having made 10-12 laps, and not even thinking about it.
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I know that you're dying for a glimpse of the Charles Emerson Winchester III of the New England Skiing World, but here's a webpage with a bunch of videos from both the east and west. Can't say if they attempt to document all the toughest terrain, but some nice footage regardless:

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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:

I know that you're dying for a glimpse of the Charles Emerson Winchester III of New England skiing, QB]
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Thanks for the link, although is has misleading captions. The Mt. Hood Meadows link says it was filmed in Heather Canyon, but only some of it was filmed in the canyon. But a great peek at Jay and some of the other spots out East.

I would love a vid of Sir Charles skiing his favorite piste, but I doubt it will happen. My loss.


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Round trip on Tram - exactly 15 minutes
Made round trips on the tram hey?

My record is almost exactly 60,000 vertical feet.
I guess if I made "round trips" on the tram like you did, it would be possible for me to make 60,000 at Cannon too.

When I go to Cannon I generally get off the tram at the top and ski down though.

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Yeah, Skierteach, I commented on that technique earlier in this thread too, but he ignored me. Think that's his secret?

We did it the other way around last fall - climbed up and rode the tram back down. The round trip took somewhat longer than 15 minutes, and we quit after the first one.
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Mmmmmmm......Cannon tram racing.....

See, the key to making fast laps at Cannon is to make it down before they even move the tram.......heh.

Get off the yellow car up top and get on the red car at the bottom, before they move them up/down. That's real nice, no waiting. I did this twice in a row on a non-busy Friday afternoon last year. You can do it because they will wait a little bit for enough people to show up to make it worth running the tram. If you tried it on a mid-week day with nobody there, you might be able to do it many, many times in a row, and hit 100K.

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