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EpicSki Podcast: Post questions for Deb Armstrong

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I am incredibly excited to let you all know that Deb Armstrong, Gold Medal Olympian, PSIA Demo Team member, and EpicSki contributor "Alpental Angle" has agreed to be interviewed for our first EpicSki Podcast! Deb is a dynamic, energetic, generous person with a unique skiing pedigree, from her US Ski Team experience to her roles as the Ski Ambassador for Taos Ski Valley and a member of the PSIA Demo Team, she exemplifies our sport.

Given her background in ski racing, her on-going race coaching, and her role with the PSIA, she has a wealth of information that she is willing to share with us. This thread will serve as a gathering place for questions for Deb from our members and Supporters. We may not get to all of them, but we'll do our best to cull a representative sample and get your questions answered.

Thank you for participating!
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How much of your success in skiing would you attribute to your parents being ski instructors?
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I'll start with a simple question:

Do you have any tips for a person who forgets to breath when they are concentrating on tackling a new technique?

In day to day skiing, I don't see this as a problem, but last year I started to try moguls. I kept forgetting to breath:
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Deb won't remember me...I'm sure she did a million interviews...but I interviewed her for The Columbian newspaper in Vancouver, WA, over the phone in 1980...about her incredible Olympic performance. Way to kick ass, girl. One thing you told me then always stuck with me: Cristin Cooper yelled or whispered to you just before you entered the gate on your gold medal run: "have fun...have fun...have fun" and it really worked, didn't it? Now...25 years later...are you doing any private clinics? If so, where? And is this what you tell your clinic as well?
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When I am nearing the bottom of a turn and considering my next what would be the best way to come to a neutral position and enter the next turn.?It is easy to just fling yourself around but to be properly balanced at this crucial time would give you many more options for the next turn. What is a good set up move to become re-centered as far as feet,hands, hips and shoulders?
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How much can you teach the average resort going person about skiing?

What do you find yourself focusing on most when instructing the average intermediate skier -- not the naturally gifted athlete?
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What's your view on the various approaches/themes/whatever you want to call them to teaching people how to ski?
  • Direct to Parallel
  • Gliding Approach to Skiing
  • Traditional wedge to wedge christie to parallel approach

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Three questions:

1) How are you feeling?

2) What are you seeing as the most common technical issues in young ski racers?

3) You've been on both sides, now. Any thoughts on how the USSA and PSIA can better collaborate to produce a strong body of young ski racers?
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What has had the biggest impact on ski racing since you were in the Olympics, equipment or physical training?
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What's the fastest way to go faster; leaning back on the flats, etc.?
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Keep those questions coming... I'll be aggregating them and adding in my own before my interview with Deb late next week. If you have questions to ask, please drop them in here (or, you can drop them to me by PM if you don't want to put them in here).
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In your opinion, who is the greatest skier ever, past or present?
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As Taos ski ambassador, what are the chances of any on mountain improvements being made to Taos mountain. Lifts?
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Is skiing still fun for you?
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What one thing would be the best advice you could give a young woman just beginning to race? (My Daughter)
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Rumor has it..there is a 'Ski with Phil' day @ Blue Mountain-Are you going?
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Role models:
Who was your role model, biggest influence, in your pursuit of a skiing career?

Who do you see as one of the biggest role models for young female skiers today?

If a girl came up to you and told you that you were her role model, what moment in your career would you hope is the reason for being her role model?
(I think its obvious, but you may have something else less obvious in mind.)
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How hard do you train?
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I used to teach and train in Angel Fire, NM. In fact, you and I went through our Trainer's Accreditation together at Purgatory! (You passed with flying colors. I got mine a couple seasons later after moving to South Dakota.) Moving to a different PSIA region has been very interesting and quite difficult, I might add. In some respects, with regards to examining and training, it's like night and day!

As a Demo Team member, what differences and/or inconsistencies do you see from region to region that you feel might be detrimental to the goals of PSIA National? What types of things are going well?

(Tell Rick Baca that A.B. says hey.)

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In your free skiing do you find yourself with your weight primarily on one ski often, in spite of contemporarly teaching of having pressure on both skis most of the time?
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What were some of the challenges (if any) you encountered while making the transition from racer to instructor? Did you have a mentor to guide you through the certification process? If so how has your mentor influenced your career as an instructor?
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Hey Gang,

I have been checking in on the questions. Keep them coming. There has been a nice mix of PSIAish, racing, mind stuff, technical stuff, motivational stuff….. The blend of racing and now teaching has created the lens with which I view technique and shapes my approach. I look forward to chatting about this with Steve and I look forward to covering your questions. How’s the ski conditioning coming?
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So, if you have any questions you'd like to have in this interview, drop them in now!
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I want you all to know that I just finished the interview with Deb, and I think you're going to get a lot out of it! I hope you'll be patient with me as I work through the details of mixing down the raw audio from the interview, since I've not done this before. But, the content from Deb is great, and I think will give us more to discuss as we approach the season.

For now, check out her site, especially the conditioning information she has there to help with your preseason program.
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Update: we need to re-record the answers to a few questions, and I still need to mix down. We'll keep you informed on the progress...
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Finally and at long last, this podcast is available here: http://esa.epicski.com/podcast/

I apologize for it taking so long! It was completely my challenges of time and having to learn the process of mixing the three interviews into one.

There will be some bonus material posted in the Supporter area later this week.

Happy New Year!
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I've opened this thread in case you'd like to discuss the podcast contents with others who have listened to it. I know that Deb's very busy right now, but she may be able to drop in once in a while, as well.
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