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ACL Injuries in Skiing..

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Hey everyone,

I'm preparing a final paper for a Kinematics class I'm taking. It's going to examine the kinematics of ACL injuries in alpine skiing. I'm going to attempt to not only report on the kinematics of the actual injury and its occurence, but also ski equipment's role in preventing / causing such injuries.

I've done quite an exhaustive search for articles, journals and I've found a bit, but mostly abstracts, and non-published papers. If anyone happens to have some links to related material, I'd really appreciate the help!

Thanks a lot.. I'll share my findings when I'm finished!

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You could try Carl Ettlinger at Wermont Safety Research. He would probably talk to you if you called him. Aslo Jasper Shiely (spelling?) at the Universuty of Rochester.

Regards, John
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Here you go!
Also, do a search in fitness for a topic called More ACL info.
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Evan- I've sent you a pm with 51 references attached; I haven't gone through any of them, just did a pubmed search, so undoubtedly many may not be too relevant, but I'll leave it to you to sort the wheat from the chaff! It is quite a bit afield from my specialty, I'm afraid. I bet there is a bioengineering search engine like PubMed (or an engineering one) that might prove fruitful as well- ask your university librarians- they may be able to help)

NOTE: anything that has a title in brackets is in a foreign language (although there is usually an english abstract). To replicate this search, and get all of the titles AND abstracts on line (and sometimes links to full text, too) go to and enter the search terms "ACL injury" and "skiing". Be sure to check the box for AND (the default is OR). Happy searching!

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