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Ski Area Posters/Maps

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Have any of you seen these posters?
Satalite phots of resort areas

I saw the Summitt Country at Cooper shop and thought it stunning. Wonder what else is out there?
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Go to www.terraserver.com

You can get a satellite image of just about anywhere in the US. They can be zoomed in, and the detail is amazing.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JohnH:
You can get a satellite image of just about anywhere in the US.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I tried to find Area 51, but it seems to have moved. It has some of the best off-piste in the universe, in fact it's so good that life forms came from all over the Milky Way to try it out, until a boarder-dude from Alpha-Centauri missed the turnoff from the interplanetary expressway and crashed.

Weather baloon - yeah, right.

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So aliens traveled hundreds/thousands of years to get here, and then in spite of the amazing technology they must have had - they *crashed*? Doesn't it seem much more probable that it was an object of terrestrial origin? It may have been something military (and therefore secret) rather than a weather balloon, but to think it was an ET seems somewhat silly! Anybody who thinks this must love the X-Files and really think that Cleo chick on TV can read your mind! :
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Somebody called the driver on his mobile phone. That's why they crashed.
And they were GAPERS. Not looking where they were going.
Probably their first day in the space craft, and they didn't think they needed lessons.

But I agree with you, it's all a load of bull.
I phoned Cleo the other night, and asked her to read my mind. She said it was like the George W Bush book of wisdom - completely blank. See - she is gifted!

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Heh! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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